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  5. "Jeg går rett hjem."

"Jeg går rett hjem."

Translation:I am walking straight home.

November 5, 2015



The way the audio rolls the tongue with "rett" is so satisfying


Is "Rett" simultaneously a word that describes "Right" and "Straight"? If someone tells me ; "Gar rett" how do I interpret the direction?


"Rett" doesn't mean "right" as in the opposite of left, the word for that is "høyre".

It means "right" as in the right to (do) something; a just claim to something. And also "right" as in "correct".

"Den har livets rett."
"It has the right to live."

"Du hadde rett."
"You were right/correct."

"Gå til høyre."
"Go to the right."

"Fortsett rett frem."
"Continue straight ahead."


Ive seen words such as ikke and rett used in mutiple different places throughout sentences. "Du harde rett" and "Forsett rett frem" is one example. When is it in the middle and when is it at the end?


'gar' is not a word. I'm assuming you mean 'gaa/gå', as this is the imperative form of 'å gå'. 'gå rett' would translate to 'walk straight'.


Could not find the character in my keyboard, Tusen takk!


For transliteration of æ, ø and å I'd advise you to use ae, oe, and aa :)


I'm glad this has been changed from needing æ,å, ø specifically as in older posts i've read


"I am going straight home." was incorrect. So it has to be "walking"? How would one say "going" instead of "walking"?


"Drar/å dra" might be what you're looking for ;)


Ok. Tusen takk!


“I am going straight home.” is correct. Please report it using the ‘Report a Problem’ button if it's not accepted.

Norwegian does not have a distinct word for “to walk” as opposed to the generic “to go”.


Sure it does.

Gå = walk

Dra = go

However, sometimes it is also the case that gå = go, like in "jeg går på skolen" = "I go to school". But in this particular sentence, "walk" is the only accurate translation of "gå".


"dra" can mean "leave", "depart" or "go". It can also mean "draw", "pull" or "drag". I would prefer "dra" if I were saying "I am going." I am not sure if it is ever used in this expression where there is a final destination? Oh, it can. I just had the sentence "Vi drar til butikken." but "Vi går til butikken." is also accepted as correct for that sentence, because the English "We go to the store." could mean either. https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/dra#Norwegian_Bokm.C3.A5l "walk" is the best translation, but I can say "I am going straight home." and I can still also mean "by foot". It is just that in English it could also mean "by bicycle" or "by car" . It depends what we mean by "go". "If we say I am going to Norway." We might use "reise". https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/reise#Norwegian_Bokm.C3.A5l


Try to report it. "I go right home." is accepted as correct by Duolingo, but the Norwegian does mean "by foot".

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