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A glass of rice - A bowl of tea

Are these two sentences accidentally swapped around, or was this deliberate?

A glass of rice - A bowl of tea

Edit: I have also noticed it says 'a bowl of water'

I am referring to the sentences in the Partitive lesson.

November 5, 2015


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Nope, it is just the "bowl of tea" being an odd sentence.

As for "a glass of rice", it does make a lot of sense if you do not translate it like that. The correct translation is "a cup of rice". In English cups are used as a measure of volume in cooking, while in Russian it is «стакан». So, in the context of cooking, putting quite a lot of ingredients in a "glass" (or, in correct, English: cup) makes sense.


Thanks for your reply!


i think i have heard of tea being drunk from a bowl like in japan or something but i'm not sure what a glass of rice means

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