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Supplementary materials for Russian

Can anyone recommend any supplementary materials for learning Russian? In particular, a grammar guide or workbook style manual?

I learn best when I have a concrete set of rules to go by (although I know there is a great deal of straight up memorization with the Russian language...). Also, I want to work at perfecting my handwritten Russian.

November 5, 2015



I recommend this, it's pretty extensive and sounds like what you're describing:



Ooooh, bookmarked! However, I am also looking for a physical book :)


The Penguin Russian course Is highly regarded and can be bought for cheap.


Yes! I will get that one. :)


Cortina Method Conversational Russian in 20 Lessons (I think I have the 1977 version) is a book I'm using to supplement right now. It's great for sentence drills, and it has a huge section on grammar, and it also contains the written alphabet for handwriting instruction.


Holy crap that looks awesome. I'm going to buy it on Amazon tomorrow. I love vintage texts like this!!!


Yes, those are the best. I have an old "Learn Serbo-Croatian" book which is falling apart, and I have to keep it in a ziplock bag! :)


Hahaha xD I thought that you posted materials. I need too :/


Oops! Sorry for the misleading title! I should have ended it with a question mark. Luckily several people have responded with good suggestions!


Guys, I just thought I'd let you know I found one more good source, "English Grammar for Students of Russian: The Study Guide for Those Learning Russian". I used to have a French version of this and didn't know a Russian one existed. As someone who likes learning things from a grammatical standpoint, I'm pretty excited.

I've ordered the aforementioned text and the Cortina Method Conversational Method for now, and I'll spring for the Penguin Russian Course sometime soon.

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