Can we use the adverbs in different tenses,... not only in tenses they usually used ?

Is it possible to use ''now" "already" in Present Simple or "often" "usually" "normally" in Past Simple and ....etc..etc.. ? ? ? Thanks for your answers !

2 years ago


Here's one example.

Let's take 'Already'.

Let's pair it with a first person subject and the verb 'to go' for simplicity's sake.

Some examples are:

I am already going. // I was already going. // I already went. // I would have gone already.

Also: let's go already! (This is a little impatient sounding and can be a little rude).

Let's look at "often".

Same as before, first person subject and the verb 'to go' for simplicity.


I often go. // I will often go. // I often went. // I was going often. // I would have gone often.

2 years ago
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Adverbs can generally be used with any tense. I don't think that they are "usually used" with any one specific tense.

2 years ago
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