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Vocabulary List!

For some reason the "words" section isn't available for Russian at the moment. I was wondering if one of the developers might have access to a spread sheet of words and definitions included in the course. It would be very helpful just being able to look at it, but I could also use it create a memrise course or other flashcard type options very easily. If no one has access to this at the moment I can always start the slow process of putting it together myself. :p

November 5, 2015

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You are the second one who started this topic today.

Have a look to the former discussion.


With the method described there you will get only the words you have already learned. But the whole list is included in any page of duo. if you look at the source code there is a variable duo.user at about line 90, which contains all words, but it needs some reformatting to get them out.

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