"What does January bring?"

Translation:Was bringt der Januar?

January 7, 2013

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Jänner = Januar in Austrian German


Thanks for helping us out with the regional variants! Always good to know!


I left off the article "der", but it counted it correct. How necessary is the article in this example?


It's more common in German to include the article, but it is still technically correct without it.


Without the article this is not a good German sentence. Might be correct, but for native German speaker it sounds strange.


In the sentence, what does mean bring?


I guess it means "what should we expect to happen in january"


Was bringt der Januar mit? Warum Falsch!?


I think 'den Januar' is the correct answer because it is in accusative, is not it?


Could the passive voice be used here? "Was wird Januar gebracht?"


I believe honoca has a good question about this question, "What does January bring?" when they asked "In the sentence, what does mean bring?" .

As in many sentences in duolingo, there is no context to go with the sentence. It makes it difficult to understand some of the random sentences that we are given to translate, German to English and vice-versa. In the case of this sentence, "What does January bring?" it would be helpful to know the author's answer. Otherwise, we have to guess at what is meant by the question. So far in my experience in learning German, many of the translations depend on the context that is being written about, but all we have a random sentence that we have to guess at the meaning of.

It would be helpful if duolingo would provide some context with the sentences, and/or provide a conjugation of the sentence that is being analyzed. Also, many of the comments that I have seen arise from questions about grammar. My understanding of grammar is very week, so a means to help me understand and reinforce the grammar rules would be greatly helpful in learning and understanding German.

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