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  5. "Is America here?"

"Is America here?"

Translation:Америка здесь?

November 5, 2015



"No, this is Patric!"


Is Здесь Америка? also acceptable?


If you stress "здесь" in your version, it will sound more like "America is here, isn't it?"

If you stress "Америка", you will get the meaning of "Is it America here?"


Are we looking at a map? Too subtle for me. Without context they are the same (in English). There is a gesture implied, I think.


I thought the same, since in other questions (like "is a boy here?") the order was exactly this.


Does it really matter the word order Америка здесь или Здесь Америка?


No, the word order doesn't matter in this case.


Is Америка вот correct?


I read on another post that вот refers more to "here is" than a specific point being "here"


Use здесь when you talk about real life; when you want to express that something or someone is close to your physical presence.

Use вот when you point to a map and want to say: "Here are we", "Here is Украина" and so on. Вот is much less related to your physical presence so it gets used with maps and documents a lot.


But I could point at a map and ask. Wouldn't the question be with вот then?


Thank you for your answer, it explains a lot

[deactivated user]

    It should be Америка здесь


    Why "Здесь Америка" wrong?!?


    What is the difference between "вот" and "здись?"


    When do you use "Bot" or "здесь"?


    Is тут Америка wrong?


    Order doesn't matter. App should correct this


    I think that as far as you are learning and that the sense of the sentence is concerned, order is supposed to matter.


    That would be like randomly switching words in a sentence... Tbh i dont think that many languages can work like that...



    Order matters a lot to computers. You have to go to a lot of trouble constructing an amazing number of possibilities to program the computer to accept all conceivable, grammatically correct options.

    On a free program like Duo, it is best to stay with the simplest translation. The simplest one is the one that the programmer had in mind when building the example. Use his word order where ever possible.

    Alternatively, you can stretch it as much as you want and see if it works. Its not like anything bad happens really if you get an answer marked incorrect.

    I leave aside the whole issue of word order being irrelevant in some situations from a grammar point of view but not from communication and style considerations. Given that, you might want to consider that since you are taking this course and at your current displayed level, it is probably best to regard Duo's grasp of Russian manner of speaking as being better than yours. If you want to be mellifluous in Russian, take your pointers where ever they come from. First, learn to sing the song. Then start playing with the rhythms.

    Word order matters in every western language to some degree.


    Is вот америка correct ?


    No entiendo por qué "Здесь" no puede ir delante en la pregunta. Esto va a hacer que no pueda subir de nivel.


    Здесь adelante cambia el sentido de la pregunta, es como decir "esto es America, no?"


    Agregando a lo que respondieron arriba, tengo entendido que en ambos casos es válido pero Здесь adelante o atrás cambia el sentido de la oración


    Would it be accurate to interpret that "Америка здесь?" would be like a lost traveler wondering if he crossed the border, and that "Вот Америка?" would be proper if I was pointing my finger on a North American map asking if that country is the US?


    It's interesting. I wouldn't use "here is" (in the sense of вот) in a question in English and I wouldn't be surprised if the same thing is true in Russian. "here is"/вот is about presenting something to the listener and just doesn't work as a question.

    So I don't see "Вот Америка?" working. I think both of your examples translate as "Америка здесь". Even though they are different, both come down to a question about the location of America and not involve presentation.

    But I could be wrong and I 'm happy to be corrected by a native Russian.


    This exercise should be removed because it was improperly designed and misleading. It was started from a russian phrase that was translated to an english phrase that students are asked to translate without context to russian. A VERY SLOPPY AND ERROR PRONE APPROACH THAT LITERALY INVITES GUESSING AND ERRORS. WHERE IS AMERICA. IS IT GONE, DESTROYED, MOVED OR HERE ON THIS MAP. Вот,ждесь? Америка ждесь, ждесь америка, америка ьот, ьот америка?


    You mean здесь?

    [deactivated user]

      is "вот находится америка?" wrong?


      It's wrong. It sounds wrong in Russian even in English:"Here America is located"


      Could someone explain about the structure of a question in russian, in english the difference is the placement of 'is' >> "is america here?" vs "america is here" << but russian doesn't do this so how can you tell whether something is a question?


      i think because there's a question mark. if you're speaking you'll hear it by the tone of voice


      When do you use вот - when здесь



      Вот = here is = here is my mother

      Здесь = is here = my mother is here (somewhere)


      I don't think it's wise to include "is" in the здесь translation. Russian has a word for "is" that is omitted.


      But English speakers include is when speaking in almost all circumstances where it is appropriate.

      They don't say...mother in the area. (Здесь) They say...mother is in the area. But you are correct. Russians routinely drop it in similar circumstances.


      He is not really talking about "adding" the verb to be, but the nuances of the structure in english between "here is" (and indicating something specific) vs "(sth) is here" (talking about an ambigious non specific location).


      curious about the relationship between the American and Russian keystrokes for phonetic spelling. I keep getting dinged on them


      It takes about a week to learn to load, manage and effectively use a Cyrillic keyboard. That will be the least difficult and easiest thing to deal with in learning Russian.

      If you choose not to learn to use a Cyrillic keyboard mapping then you are choosing to make a years long process of learning Russian much more difficult because you want to avoid three or four hours of practicing a certain kind of typing.


      ok. Where did everyone get their Russian letter keyboards?


      Same question. I can write.


      Windows control panel


      On the phone I use SwiftKey PC keyboard is from Amazon


      You need to provide a russian keyboard like google translate.


      For Windows there are instructions on the web. Install the language with control panel, activate on-screen keyboard through Ease of Access then attach to taskbar with right click. You can switch back and forth among languages with left alt-shift.


      how do you type in Russian? I have English keys so like...


      I have downloaded a Russian keyboard but it won't type into the answer space, and the program won't let me move past this question



      If you are using windows, just use their own Russian keyboard map. It will work perfectly with any format intended to work with windows. Look for installing U.S. International Keyboard first. Then add the windows Russian language pack

      If you are using apple products, I'm sure that they have their own native Russian keyboard as well. Probably even easier to install than the couple of steps needed for the windows version.


      Thanks! Appreciate the tip, will give it a go, Sean


      How come "Америка вот?" is wrong? Could someone explain?


      valid, but unnatural


      сша здесь


      I had to try a few keyboards from the app store before I found one that worked welland was easy to switch to from my english keyboard If you dont like yours, I suggest trying another.


      They should have taken it my answer.


      Здесь находится ли Америка? Am I totally wrong in how I constructed this?


      its kind of hard...i wrote america_not_here the answer is like- America Here


      ugh i put америка там instead :(


      I wrote "Америка там".


      Amerika is a continent not a country. Please fix this



      Both in English and Russian, America is regarded as a term for a particular country. Both in English and Russian, there is no single continent referred to as American. There are historic, cultural reasons for that.

      This is not true for some other languages but English and Russian are the applicable languages for this course.


      I have to disagree.... "Historic and/ or Cultural reasons" doesn't necessarily means something is right. For years the western world called Bombay and Pekin two important Asian cities, and there was a global effort correcting the actual names: Mumbai and Beijing... Please fix this app to show America as the continent that includes citizens from the southern locations as Argentina and Chile provinces to the northern cities in Canada. It is not correct to simplify as 'America' the United States of America. Check in any official form, questionnaire or document, none will show a country called America. Please fix it. Thanks!



      History and culture are what determine the actual language people use. In the two examples you mentioned, the authorities in the English speaking world agreed to change the name of the city to agree with the local language. They did not agree to change the name of India and China. In both of the cities you mention when people there speak English they use the term America to refer to the U.S. They refer to North and South America. I have no idea what terms they use in the several languages used locally there.

      All English maps show two continents, North and South America. All native English speakers consider America to be the short form of the United States of America.

      No native Canadian considers him or herself to be American and strongly resent foreigners applying the term to them when those foreigners speak English.

      The official documents of any country use the official name of that country. Countries whose name involve several words have their name shortened to ease of communication in normal conversation. People talk about France not the Republic of France when speaking English.

      Again, there are deep historic and cultural reasons why this is the case for English speakers. There are historic reasons why this is the case for Russian.

      You are free to use the appropriate mode of expression in whatever language you grew up with when speaking that language. But it is insulting to English and Russian speakers to insist that your choice is the only valid one when using their language.


      Why is "ему американские здесь" not acceptable?


      Americans are here to him?


      What the diferrence zdies and vot ?

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