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  5. "She is my sister."

"She is my sister."

Translation:Она моя сестра.

November 5, 2015



what is <rodnaya>?


Your siblings and cousins may be referred to as братья or сёстры. Родной means native, but here denotes nuclear family ties. Using родной in front of брат/сестра shows you are talking about a sibling.

родная сестра - (blood/biological sister)

родная мать – (blood/biological mother)

приёмная мать - (adoptive/step mother)

сводная сестра - (stepsister)

двоюродная сестра - (female cousin)


Is it common in Russian to specify though? It seems like maybe the English should be changed to blood/biological/natural if they are trying to teach родная


I agree. If they wanted to specify then the English should read as such.


I totally agree with you, this kinda things are some of the things this app can't do well


That's what they want you to think. O.o Maybe having those "errors" make the user look into the comment section and the word sticks to memory. Or maybe not.


I, for one, would have appreciated at least a hint that something more was expected in the translation.


The hint is that you got it wrong. It forces you to go to the comments, which is 99% of the time you can find a cultural and logical explanation


Duo tests a lot of routes which are better and which are worst. Maybe we can just report is as an error, if it is intentional they will keep it if not, they might change it.


I agree. The english should have included " blood".


Then, i would say it doesnt translate to "she is my sister"


Thank you, that was very interesting!


Very useful, thank you!


Katzner's Russian-English dictionary defines родная (masculine родной) as: "1. related by blood 2. native [adjective] 3. in direct address sweetheart". It can be used in родой город "home town".

If you call someone родная, you're calling them "sweetheart, sweetie, honey" - an endearment.


Родной means "native", as in a "родной язык" --> "native language". I'm not sure why it appears here other than to tell you that the sister is, maybe, not a step-sister? Like, she's your "biological" sister?


Its like biological sister or sister from birth


I tried, она есть моя сестра, and got it wrong. They didn't even teach родная..


I don't know whether Duolingo requires you to use родная here or not, but I do know that in sentences of the type "A is B," you don't use есть.

  • Она моя сестра.
  • Я очень рад.
  • Твоя машина в паркинге.
  • Россия огромная страна.

Etc. Use есть when the actual existence of something is the main point of your sentence.


There is no present tense of "to be" in Russian - no Russian word for "is" or "are".


Well technically there is except they don't use it.


Why did I have to use родная on this excercise but not on the other excercises? They were talking about immediate family as well, no? I did read Quirkyandsuch's comment but is it implied or a strict rule? Is it common place to say it when speaking or should I leave it out?


Sorry if someone's explained this in another comment, but how do you know when to use мой vs моя?? They both mean 'my', right?


мой is masculine gender, моя is feminine.


Usually masculine words end in a consonant and feminine words end in an "a" sound (а/я), so мой is masculine (й is a consonant) and моя is feminine.


Can somebody, please, explain the word родная in this sentence.


Katzner's Russian-English dictionary defines родная (masculine родной) as: "1. related by blood 2. native [adjective] 3. in direct address sweetheart". It can be used in родой город "home town".

If you call someone родная, you're calling them "sweetheart, sweetie, honey" - an endearment.


Она моя сестра. - This translation was also accepted. (Jan. 26, 2019)


Except my exercise was: Complete the Translation: She is my sister - Она моя ___ сестра.

I was left to fill in an unnecessary blank that I was never even taught.. lol


I used that one, but it said it was incorrect


You probably misspelled something, because that was my answer and it was accepted


Wouldn't have "Она моя сестра" worked?


It should, yes! My exercise was a fill-in-the-blank, though, so I wasn't able to try it.


It is accepting Она моя сестра. as well as Она моя родная сестра. Could Она моя родная сестра. mean 'she is my own sister'?


Род means "genus" in english


How could I get this from a translation exercise of "She is my sister." Context is absent, you need more qualifiers, perhaps in parentheses, to give родная as an actual answer


Hi guys, Can you help me please. I start to learn Russian, I don't understand the difference between :

моя and меня


моя is my or mine
меня is me (or "of me")


It should be Here is my dear sister

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