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How long until Russian is available on mobile?

I want to do it on mobile because it is a huge pain trying to use a physical keyboard or on-screen one. Much easier to type on the mobile Russian keyboard.

November 5, 2015



Well, they have to get their reports below 7% or so before it can be available on the mobile app. There are still loads of translations that have to be added, so at least a couple more months is my guess.

I totally agree about the typing part. I am still learning how to type Russian, and it's a bit of a nuisance having to switch the keyboard every time the direction of translation changes. Having the app automatically detect your phone's keyboard and changing it for you is a very nice feature to have.


There are keyboard shortcuts you can create to easily switch from the two keyboards, like I use ctrl + 1 for the regular keyboard and then ctrl + 2 to switch to Russian, it makes it a whole lot easier when using your computer.


Yeah, I'm using Shift+Alt


Ohh okay! Awesome!


thank you I never realized that was a function


I didn't know you could do that. Thanks for the tip! :D


You are welcome! It's very convinient! And then when I do have it on the Russian keyboard. I just put the on screen keyboard up so I can see where the letter is suppose to be.


But if I remember Esperanto was available almost immediately?


No, I did Esperanto and that took about six weeks I think before I could use the app.


Esperanto took a while to get to the app. I seem to remember it and Norwegian landed in the app at around the same time (and maybe Ukrainian too??), but I finished the Esperanto tree on the website because it wasn't yet on the app.


You can just use this site on your phone. I just did some levels and it worked just fine.


I am on 5th level now and all has been done using mobile browser on my phone :) it woks quite well. The only problems are: sometimes sounds are delayed or lack and you can't report errors on mobile version of site (but mybe it depends on browser, I use chrome). nevertheless it's good enough to go through the lessons. I recommend to do this like that.


What browser do you use? I don't get any sound except for when I press the button to replay the sentence.


chrome as I wrotre above.


Ok thanks. For some reason I didn't see that at all. I guess I was skimming too fast


Exactly. It's crazy that people don't realise it, given that they probably use many other websites on their phones each day.


What browser do you use?

[deactivated user]

    I can't wait until it's on mobile. I was doing Russian on my laptop and forgot that I did it last. So I went to do German on the mobile which caused problems. I had to fix the problem on the laptop. I'll wait for the mobile version.


    Oddly enough, it turns out that the Russian course isn't completely blocked in the Android app, and I was able to complete a strengthening exercise in it this morning without any issues. I did subsequently discover though that accents aren't working in it properly yet. (or at least not on the aging phone I'm using as an android tablet) Where an accented character is supposed to appear, the character is followed by a box with a cross through it.


    Just use the mobile website.


    It doesn't work well for me, the text box tends to end up hidden behind the on-screen keyboard so I can't see what I'm typing.


    With my touchscreen Kindle Fire, I can just move the text up with my finger so I can see it.


    Unfortunately that didn't work for me. Also there were missing features, so I gave up on it.


    It might be a while if is d to guess. You can always use the mobile website, which is what I have been doing and it's just as good.


    You can alway follow the course in a browser on your smartphone or tablet, than you can easily use the digital keyboard on your screen (and settings are super easy to set, for android at least)

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