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  5. "Kalede genç atlar var."

"Kalede genç atlar var."

Translation:There are young horses in the castle.

November 6, 2015



What's wrong with "The castle has young horses"?


That would be "Kalenin genç atları var."

Notice that in this sentence, "kale" is in the locative. When paired with "var" you can almost guarantee that it will have to do with location. (stress on the "almost" in that sentence...)


The two correct solutions given are: • There are young horses at a castle. • There are young horses in the castle Doesn't the second one imply an accusative form of kale - ('the' castle)?


No, accusative is only for definite direct objects and not for objects of prepositions.


Why its not correct to say The horses are in the castle?


What you are saying is similar in meaning, but grammatically different. Your sentence answers the question: "Where are the (young) horses?" ; Duo's sentence answers the question: "What is in/at the castle?"

The young horses are in the castle = Genç atlar kalede

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