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  5. "Is this America or Canada?"

"Is this America or Canada?"

Translation:Это Америка или Канада?

November 6, 2015


[deactivated user]

    "America" is very often used in an informal context to talk about the USA in Russian.


    I am not sure I know of a language where this is not the case.

    [deactivated user]

      Spanish, believe me :) At least outside of the US.


      Yes, they always use "EEUU" or "E.E.U.U.", short for Estados Unidos (United States). Spanish has a funny rule about doubling letters for abreviations in plural.

      Funny fact: in Portuguese, which is closely related to Spanish, that rule does not exist, and you'd either say Estados Unidos (da America) or EUA (the "da" particle ("of") is almost always unconsidered for abreviations. HOWEVER, the Brazilians, being Latin Americans, would almost never say just "America", and can also insist on calling American citizens "norteamericanos" (North Americans) or the completely original "estadounidenses" (something like "United-statians").

      Uhhh, yeah. Back to Russian.


      A minor correction: Spanish abbreviations with doubled letters don't have periods after each letter: Estados Unidos is "EEUU" or "EE.UU." (not "E.E.U.U."), the Olympic Games (Juegos Olímpicos) are JJ.OO. (I guess JJOO, while uncommon, would be acceptable, but J.J.O.O. wouldn't).


      I agree "estadounidenses" is a great way to think about it. USA needs to be more aware of it in the English language culture.


      Also Portuguese (at least in Brazil), where the country is usually called EUA (rather than EEUU as in Spanish) or Estados Unidos and "America" is only used for the continent (that is, the union of North and South America)..


      Makes sense. :)


      Spanish, Portuguese (my native language), Italian... a lot of languages actually, specially the Romance ones.


      Perfectly right ! Even Belgium ( small by the number ) has the same understanding ;-) . By the way, I want to thank you,Igor, for the great job you apply almost every day. And for your kindness and patience.


      Some Canadian dialects call it "The US"


      That's exactly how we call it in Montreal :-)


      I've never heard it in French. Which doesn't necessarily mean that they don't do it, just they don't teach it to learners.


      In Montreal (in French... in québécois), we say "les États-Unis." Having been raised unilingual francophone I was very confused the first time I read "Americans" to describe people from the US (see, hehe), because technically Canada is also part of North America :-p


      Les États-Unis is the same as what I learned in Parisian French. But people from that country are called les americains, or so I was told...

      We can't win either way. If we call ourselves the United States, there are other united states as well. So it's still ambiguous unless you say "United States of Americans", and ain't nobody got time for that :-) I guess we just needed to pick a more creative name :-D


      Michael Moore suggests, "The Big One." (I'm not trying to get political here, just thought it was funny when I watched his documentary - called The Big One.)


      In sweden we say USA (without any 'the') which is quite convenient. Not sure what 'Amerika' would refer to by default though.


      One day, you can find out in the course of Russian for Swedish speakers which, I think, Arnauti will eventually be kind enough to make. :)


      Why not этот , Why это


      "This is"-type sentences alwasy use «это» regardless of gender and number of the complement.


      When is "этот" used?


      Этот is an adjectival modifier, i.e. it is used before nouns in much the same way as words like "good", "purple" or "wooden"

      • also used as "this one" for masculine nouns. Russian does not use a dummy "one".


      is eto meaning this and etot meaning that?


      Этот кот - this cat; Это кот - this is a cat. The second one is a complete sentence, the first one isn't. You could say 'Этот кот спит.' - 'This cat is sleeping' to make it a complete sentence.


      How do you know when to use "ili" for "or" or "a"?


      Although you can sometimes loosely translate "A" to "or" , it's not actually a good translation to say that "a" means "or" .

      Only times I can think of using "A" as "or" , is when you would like to use "or" instead of the word "otherwise" , but it's still slightly a stretch.

      More times than not, it's some kind of a "contrast" version of the word "and" .

      "I am Dempl , and he (a on) is AndrewBlack" .

      I think this is a good source with couple of nice examples:



      Capital ! Good surching,great encouragement. You give me one more good reason to continue to learn Russia in the smallest detail. It's a spur game . Thanks a lot.


      When I lived in Moscow I would usually say that I was из США, but I was often asked if I was из Америки, so I'd answer да, из Америки. Both worked fine


      Can someone please clarify for me the difference between это and этот? I never get it right :-( Also, what's the difference between вы and ты? Thank you!!!!


      :cackles in hetalia:


      What does США stand for? I know it is the abbreviation for the US.


      It stands for Соединённые Штаты Америки.


      You cant walk around asking people why they look like America.


      "это ли америка или канада" -- По чему что я не мог исползоват "ли" здесь ? :-)


      Потому что так действительно не говорят. Правильный (и самый логичный) способ построения вопроса — в заголовке.


      Спасибо :-) Если есть правило когда могу исполыоват "ли" в вопросе а когда нет ? :-)


      В этом курсе — в косвенном общем вопросе (вопрос, на который можно ответить да/нет):

      • Она спросила, читал ли я Пушкина.
      • Я хочу знать, был ли он в Канаде.
      • Я спросил, была ли она в Канаде.


      I wrote some in my native langage to try to make the point. You should both of you translate it in good and solid English. ;-). I wrote it down of course.It could be helpful. But I think it's not fear against us. Someone could take it as secrets. We are english speaker studying russian. Not russian speaker developing a lecture about Russian langage. No offense. ;-)


      Hey bud!

      Sorry for that, I'm just practising my crappy Russian that way, and I'm sure Shady barely understood what I wanted to ask haha.

      Basically, I've asked when can I use "ли" for questions, i.e. if there is a rule where you would know when to use "li" inside the question and when not to.

      Shady simply said you should use "ли" when the question is expected to be answered with yes or no, and gave a few examples.

      There's also a pretty detailed explanation for "ли" on wiktionary:


      In my language (Serbian), "ли" is used in definitely more situations than in Russian,and I just needed a few clarifications ;-)


      I like the conversations in Russian (and have even taken part in a couple myself). They're a good opportunity for me to practice reading. It's not like they're having long conversations in Turkish :-) Of course this is pretty early in the course so maybe it's early for people to try to read this much.


      Hoy Dempl,ik heb gezien dat U ook het nederlands probeert te leren. Hoe gaat het er mee? Zou U so vriendelijk willen zijn om uw gesprek met Igor te vertallen opdat de anderen er ook van kunnen profiteren ? Dank U zeer.


      How do you prononce russia in english


      Another way you can refer to the US is Соеденнёных штатов (terrible spelling, but close enough)


      США stands for Соединённые Штаты Америки, it's USA in a different order. The others alternative answers were Французское (Is that France?) and Иностранных (no idea)


      In India we call it America, USA, United states, United states of America, US


      When to say "Это" and when to say "Этот".


      Why isn't it taking "a" as "or"? Not sure if this is a mistake or if there's a rule I don't know yet.


      "А" is "and/but", not "or".


      Okay thanks. The hover hint listed "a" as one of the translations of "or"


      Учите давайте наш язык


      I typed in " Это Америка ици Канада?" And it still says i am wrong!...


      You misspelled или as ици.


      this is america starts playing in the background


      What is the difference between Америка, Америке and Америки?


      Those are different forms used in different positions (not unlike I-me, they-them).


      When expressing location with на or в, you use the Prepositional form (ends in е or и, depending on the noun), e.g., "Мы в Америке", "Они в России", "Я в Москве", "Она ещё не в Лондоне".


      Why sometimes Америке and here Америка ?

      [deactivated user]

        Америка is the nominative form, and Америке is the prepositional form. For example: Америка большая страна. America is a big country.

        Я живу в Америке. I live in America.


        Этот Америка или Канада? is wrong apparently but i have noticed that Этот does translate as "this" in other sentences. Why is it incorrect?

        [deactivated user]

          Этот is the demonstrative pronoun for masculine nouns. In this sentence, это is being used as the 'this is' construction.

          Это Америка или Канада?

          Is this America or Canada?

          [deactivated user]

            I have written wrong answer in Russian. I written like this: Этот Aмеэрикa или Кaнaдa? so the correct answer was Это Aмеэрикa или Кaнaдa? My question is: What's the difference between Это and Этот and when i can use these two words in sentence?


            When "this" ("that", "it") is used as a standalone pronoun, it is neuter singular это. Unlike English, we do not say things like "These are my friends".

            When "this" ("that") is attached to a noun, e.g., "this country", it behaves like an adjective. You pick the corresponding gender/number/case depending on the noun phrase:

            • Эта страна большая
            • Ты знаешь этот город?
            • Я живу в этой стране.
            • Я живу в этом городе.
            • Я из этой страны.
            • Я из этого города.



            Typo bs again. When you give the English sentence and get you click on the tile words only зто is available. The when its type what you here and you put зто for the exact same sentence its a typo???????.


            It's probably your confusion between two very similar looking letters: з and э. (Think of mistaking I and l in the Latin alphabet.)


            why cant i use Этот instead of это ?


            Этот works when "this" is like an adjective attached to a noun.

            A standalone this/that is это.


            Make a "sure" button or somethi g like this, i wanted to delete letters and its pressed alone "continue".


            What is the difference between зто and ето?


            No idea what these words are. Did you mean это?


            What would "Вот Америка или Канада" translate to?


            It would translate to: Here is America or Canada.


            Аляска раньше была часть России, нет? Давайте скажем "это Россия" просто за забаву? Хорошо?


            yessss i did it right


            When to use Америке?


            It is the form you use with в/на to say where something is or with о/об "about":

            • в Америке "in America", в Англии "in England", в Японии "in Japan", в России "in Russia"
            • о России "about Russia", об Америке "about America"
            • на столе "on the table", на тарелке "on the plate", на концерте "at a concert", на лекции "at the lecture"

            This case is only used with prepositions—actually, a little over 4 prepositions— but these prepositions happen to be quite handy.


            My russian teacher said to use США, is one or the other more common?


            Yo I'm just pissed because I accidentally pressed the button when my sentence wasn't done.


            Stop repeating these elementary phrases ! We are no longer in the first 5 lessons !!


            I have no Russian key board.

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