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Is the Russian "П " the same as the spanish "r"?

So I am a native spanish speaker and I noticed that the russian r sounds very similar to our r, but I can't tell if they pronounce it like a singular "r" (like in the word arbol) or like a double r (like in the word carro)

November 6, 2015



It is Р :) П is pronounced similar to p in papá.

The sound is similar to that in arbol. It is normally a two-tap R. The word гитара makes it pretty clear. Russian does not have any other R's , so if you make it longer, in does not matter. You will just sound less natural (the longer you make it, the less natural it will sound).

Note that it does get devoiced before a pause and (partially?) before devoiced consonants. That does not matter much for being understood, of course. As I said, Russian only has one such sound.


Thank you for replying! as for the р п confusion, i don't even know how I managed to do that, because i have a phonetic keyboard, but thank you for correcting me :)


The letter "П" is the Russian letter for "P". The Russian letter for "R" is "Р". But to answer your question, the Russian R sound is very rolled, probably more-so than the Spanish R, but not as much as the Spanish RR.


No this letter have the P sound, I think the letter X is quite similar to the J/R in Spanish.

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