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  5. "La nourriture est mauvaise."

"La nourriture est mauvaise."

Translation:The food is bad.

January 7, 2013



I typed "the food is terrible" and it was wrong... wierd...


I wrote "The food is awful" and that was also marked as wrong...


It is not, yet... I just typed "the food is terrible" and it also told I'm wrong.


actually it's "weird" :)


You can type it is french it's easier...


i also just typed "the food is terrible" and it was marked incorrect, asking for "bad" please correct or remove terrible from the possibilities


According to duoLingo "Le pain est mauvais" translates to "Bread is bad". Why must this translation have a "The" at the beginning?


Because the nouns must have articles attached I believe the meaning - whether it is being used generally 'Bread is bad' or specifically 'The bread is bad' - is just contextual.

Someone correct me if I am mistaken.


Here too.. typed "food is terrible", did't liked it..


Why is it wrong one time and a typo the next? A little consistancy please.


(no offense) 'Consistency' is spelled with an 'e'.


Get out of my kitchen!


When is 'mal' used?


"The food is bad" can mean several different things in English depending on the context, such as rotten, tastes bad, nutritionally poor, etc. Does "mauvaise" have roughly the same meaning in French?


Is masculine "mauvaise" different? Is there a go-to rule for word modifications for gender (ie slap an "e" on the end if it ends with a consanant and is feminine)?


Answer is wrong if you use the word nourishment thats suggested as translation...


"The nourishment is bad" hardly sounds like English. It also says that "la" can mean "it", but you wouldn't expect "It food is bad" to be accepted. All about context, innit.


Duolingo accepts plenty of translations that don't sound right in English. They use example sentences like, "I like black apples," after all.


Duo's goal is for you to be able to translate documents on the web. To get you to that point they have to use simple sentences and fragments of speech that reinforce learned material. Consequently some of questions presented will seem awkward when translated.

La nourriture est mauvaise when translated to the food is bad sounds to the English speaker's ear as if it was referring to a known example of food, often something actually present.If it is present he would probably turn his gaze to the food to look for obvious signs of badness.

Nourishment and Diet, on the other hand are not likely to cause an English speaker to look at the food to see if he can spot the deficiency in the recommended daily amount of vitamin C or whatever. He is more likely to speculate about the process whereby food is selected or prepared.

The average French speaker overhearing some patrons of a restaurant complain that La nourriture est mauvaise would not think it's ok for him to eat there because he isn't worried about getting nutritional deficiency diseases like rickets etc.


Mmm Arkansas Black.


In previous questions nourriture == meal - not this time - please make it consistent or explain why this context makes it "food" - thanks!


I always heard est as 'et'..damn u duolingo


"The food is flawed" is wrong, though "flawed" is a listed translation.


You have to type it in French....... I just didn't know how to spell the last word.


I just put the food is shit and they didnt accept it :/


the final se in mauvaise is pronounced as a v?


The native pronounced mauvais wrong and I typed the wrong word.. It's pronounced "moe_vay"


Nourriture is feminine, so it's "mauvaise" not "mauvais". The S should be pronounced.


That is not polite............Duo should teach us good things..................


What's the difference between sale and mauvaise

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