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  5. "- Як ти? - Погано."

"- Як ти? - Погано."

Translation:- How are you? - Bad.

November 6, 2015



How are you? Bad - because I lost my 800+ day Duolingo streak!!! :'(


Because you probably never met someone feeling bad :) Can it be for example the mum asking to the son that has fever how does it feel?


So "g" is pronouced like "h" here?


Almost. This sound is something beetween g and h. Like they are pronounced at the same time. I think it's hard to understand without a real example.


Straight forward small conversation, I like it.


Haha I love this sentence! My bf is Ukrainian and he's always so brutally honest and straight to the point! This is sooo him!! I'm the type of person who would always reply with "okay" or "fine" even if I'm not doing well. lol.


Would погано be more like "badly" since поганий is the adjective form?


There is a contingent of grammarians who claim that that is the right thing to say, but I don't know anybody who says it.


In English, if you say you "feel badly/terribly" it means that you literally cannot feel things well (like when wearing mittens (adverb)). When using the word feel in regards to health or emotion is to say you "feel bad/terrible" (as in my health is bad (adjective)). These are different parts of speech with different grammar rules. :)


Also sometimes when people say they feel bad, they mean they feel guilty or remorseful.


In Yorkshire dialect, as well as other regional UK dialects, we very much DO say "I'm feeling badly" when referring to our health or state of mind. Don't be so quick to say things in so certain a tone.


the dashes represent the verb "to be" that is missing or is it because of the dialogue ?


It's the dialogue


What's wrong in translation "- How are you? - I'm bad"?


"I'm bad" means "Я поганий"


how do I have to pronounce bad ? pawhaa ? is it right


it's ~poh-hah-noh, Ukranian is much more consistent with it's vowels and consonants than English. If that's not clear to you, here (since you know the languages at least to some extent) are explanations using the pronunciation of Swedish/Norwegian: ~på-ha-nå and Finnish: ~pohano. I believe (correct me if I'm wrong) using Russian you'd also pronounce it well, but remember that г is "h" in Ukranian.


in a pagan way...

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