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Accessing discussion for sentences

Problem: I'm trying to learn French subjunctive, which is A) a kind of difficult lecture and B) down in the tree and still quite beta.

I need for almost every phrase to look at the sentence discussion, but these threads are difficult to access.

  • there is no link with all discussion on a certain lecture in the discussion tab. Under French / sentences are all sentences, but not ordered by units. Mainly questions of beginners, who are the majority of learners, can be found.

  • it is not accessible from the mobile app :/

  • I tried to do the lecture from my iPad in the safari web browser (which is less comfortable, but works fine ). Just there is a bug when accessing the discussion threads. After I posted one comment on a phrase, I saw the very same discussion every time I clicked on the discussion link from all other exercises.

Suggestions, apart from using a PC :)

November 21, 2013


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