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"We all need a thinner tablet."

Translation:Vi alle trenger et tynnere nettbrett.

November 6, 2015



The word tablet is ambiguous without a context.


"Nettbrett" literally means "internet board." It's the kind of tablet hardware companies sell.


My point is that it's not easy to understand what kind of tablet it scentence refers to. In Norwegian it could be several words, among them are: tablett, pille, tavle, skriveblokk og nettbrett. The last word has also a synonym surfebreff.


It says "Vi alle trenger et tynnere nettbrett"??? Not good Norwegian word order! " Vi trenger alle..." would be the usual way, right?


Either works. "vi alle" functions as being in the first position, despite the fact it's actually two words.


I think Ingebj means that it would be more common to phrase it as "Vi trenger alle". 'vi alle' doesn't usually to appear in the first position in the main clause, but often at the first position of dependent clauses.

"Det er fordi vi alle trenger en pause" < "Det er fordi vi trenger alle en pause"

"Vi trenger alle en pause" > "Vi alle trenger en pause"

That said, there's nothing wrong about it as I found several sentences on the Internet with 'vi alle' at the beginning of a main clause.


Exactly, I think your examples are very much to the point.

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