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So you have the Russian keyboard layout but can't find the right keys? Never fear, there is a way!

Since I'm a total noobie when it comes to the Cyrillic alphabet, I've found that because my keyboard is just a regular boring and useless latin based keyboard, I have no idea where any of the keys are!!!

If this sounds like you too, never fear for if you have Windows I have a neat little trick you can do to see the keys.

Just open up the on-screen keyboard! It's as simple as that!

Happy learning!

EDIT: A few other tips from others are; change your desktop background, add stickers to your keyboard and print out the layout.

Also thank you for the lingot!

November 6, 2015


[deactivated user]

    You can also buy cheap little stickers to put on your keyboard. Only of you're actually really determined to learn the language. Or you could memorise where the Russian keys are as well.


    I'm using this method to memorise it. I think in a month I'll be able to go without entirely.


    The trouble with cheap little stickers is that with use they start to slide around on the key (and eventually off the key) leaving annoying smears of adhesive behind them. :-(


    Probably best to learn to type without looking so you can just feel where the keys are so it wont matter what is printed on the keyboard. However it's actually quite hard to type without looking for a character like Э because of how far off from the normal area of the keyboard I am used to typing on it is.


    You can also download the Microsoft Keyboard Layout Editor and change what keys make what letters. I have changed mine to a semi-phonetic keyboard, which helps me type a little faster than 1 word per minute!


    You soon get used to it, I know where диневапрлтжэко are right now as they seem the most popular in the early lessons, so I'm getting there. I can mostly get a few more but not well enough to add to the list above. And that's only after 4 days or so.


    I thought it might be that easy. Спасибо - I though I'd have to wait to find stickers.

    For anyone who doesn't know where the settings are, click the windows button and search for on screen keyboard.

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