"The apple is here."

Translation:Яблоко здесь.

November 6, 2015

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I had "вот яблока". What is the difference in usage between вот and здесь?


Вот яблоко (note the ending) - Here is an apple.

Яблоко здесь - The apple is here.


In other words, "the apple is here" and "here is the apple" are interchangeable in English but not in Russian - am I understanding that right?


As far as I understand, they are not interchangeable in English. When I say "here is the apple", I give it to you or point at it. But I can say "the apple is here" meaning that it's somewhere in this room but I don't even know where exactly.


Well, under some circumstances the meaning could be the same, for example: "Where is the Apple?" ->"Here is the apple." or "The apple is here."


In that case, the Russian would use здесь, since it's referring to a physical location.



I agree with this. You woukd only say here is the apple if everyone knew and could see the apple


How come здесь Яблоко is not correct?


First they had me translate "здесь мама и папа" the correct answer was "a mother and father are here" then I'm asked to translate "an apple is here" so naturally I answer "здесь яблоко"... wrong, lol. It is now flipped? Maybe a specific that is learned as you settle into the language?


Why is "здесь мама и папа" a good translation for "a mother and a fathet are here" and when i'm asked to translate "an apple ih here", it is wrong to say "здесь яблоко"?


My understanding is that вот is used when you are presenting something or someone to someone else "behold! here is an apple." Whereas здесь is used to describe location. Am I wrong? (My boyfriend is Russian and I was trying to sort some of these nuances out last night)


why is the correct work yabloka tut? whats tut?


It probably suggested тут because you wrote яблока instead of яблоко.

Sometimes, the system recognises that you made a mistake, but it pulls the wrong sentence from the pool of correct answers because it's not very good at recognising which word in particular is wrong. The preferred answer should be "Яблоко здесь".



I wrote тут and it said i should have used здесь -.-


Thank you, now i can eat it.


Why "Это яблоко здесь" not accepted? "это" = "the" in this case. Sentence is about THIS apple but not about any one of apples.


I had this translation! But it was marked not correct, I should have used the word "tut". What is this "tut"?


"Тут" means the same as "здесь" but is more colloquial. They are virtually interchangeable and I can't think of the situation where "тут" should be accepted, but "здесь" rejected. Your aswer most likely was not accepted due to some typo, but if not, then report it.


yeah me too, i wrote здесь... what's тут?


i can't type in russian


I can't type in Russian.

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