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  5. "my tables"

"my tables"

Translation:мои столы

November 6, 2015



Question: what's the difference between "Мой" & "Мои" ?


Yes they are different. Listen. Мой = for masculine. Моя = for feminine. Моё = for neutrals. Мои = for plurals.

And all of them mean (my or mine)

***note: feminine nouns in Russian ends with я or а and usually ь. Neutral nouns ends with е or о. Other nouns usually are masculine.

Best wishes :)


Super helpful!!! Have all my lingots


I believe мой is for singular and мои is for plural.


мой is for masculine singular.


And how do you know which to use? What sex is the table..?


Concerning the pronounce, "мой" is pronounced as in "moy" and "мои" as in "mah-EE".


Its actually pretty easy to remember. The pronounciation of the y sound makes it "yours", and the pronounciation of the i makes it my (multiple), for example: My things, my stuff, my towels, my cars, etc.


Мой is masculine and Мои is plural


I understand adding ы gives the plural of стол, but some other words accomplish that by adding и: is there a general rule on the regard?


Yes. The tips section for this lesson (not on mobile) describes this rule.

In short, feminine words ending in ь will have the ь be replaced by ы when pluralized and most masculine words that end in consonants will end in ы or и when pluralized. Less often, the masculine words that end in consonants will end in a or Я.

Additionally, singular nouns ending in a or Я become, respectively, ы and и. Singular nouns ending in o or e become, respectively, a and Я.

For these last two, I'd recommend memorizing the ladder/chain o -> a -> ы and e -> Я -> и.

Sadly, there are always exceptions but don't be discouraged. The goal should always just be progression from where you were at yesterday. Mistakes lessen over time.

If, however, your question is "When should I add ы vs и when pluralizing words that end in consonants?" I believe you may just have to consult a dictionary and memorize.

If anyone knows of any structure when choosing between adding ы and и for pluralizing singular nouns ending in consonants, someone please comment.


In russian does the possessive agree with the possessor or the possessed ?

For instance, in french you can only say "mon frère = my brother ; ma mère = my mother ( neither ma frère when a woman wants to mention her brother nor mon mère when a man is mentioning his mother is allowed) i.e. agreement with the possessed object and not with the possessor.

Some clarification please.


it goes the same as french, thats why you never say моя брат


Большое спасибо!


О in стол sounds like O but in столы it sounds like A

And explanation

  • стол - the letter о is stressed, so it sounds like "oh"
  • столы - the stress is on the last syllable, so the о gets unstressed and its pronunciation changes to a "ah" sound


And, thank you for that simple instruction! It is not so much the Russian grammar that is difficult, as it is the pronunciation of the vowels


When do you use и and when ы in the end of a plural?


I have the same question!


Is мои stressed in the letter и?


Is there a difference between столы and столв? (theyre both suggested answers)


why мой столы is incorrect?


Мой is singular.

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