"A woman and a man"

Translation:Женщина и мужчина

3 years ago



I wanted to ask, would "это женчина и мужчина" still make sense? I was marked as incorrect, but I was wondering if that makes any sense, or would I need to make a proper sentence like - "я ведит это женчина и мужчина." ?

2 years ago


What is the difference between а and и while connecting words?

6 months ago


Once you realize the difference you'll likely think "why didn't english do that?". To put it simply, if you can replace it with the word 'but', then its а. But if not, then its и. Она женщины а нет мужчины. Means she is a woman AND not a man. But could you replace it with but? Yes. She is a woman BUT not a man. Its used to compare two things. Good luck.

5 months ago


почему не "женщина и человек"?

3 years ago

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Because "man" is мужчина in Russian. If it was "a woman and a person", then "человек" would be an acceptable translation.

3 years ago


спасибо! That makes sense. It's confusing because some dictionaries list человек as a translation of 'man'. Perhaps it is "mankind" or "man" in a genderless, universal sense.

3 years ago
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