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"Good morning, are you Vera and Vanya?"

Translation:Доброе утро, вы Вера и Ваня?

November 6, 2015



"Вы" is also the plural form of "you"?


It is and that question reminded me why I can't use ты in this sentence.


You may use "ты" for your familiar piople.




Can someone tell me exactly when to use ты and вы?


вы is for plural and formal ты is informal


Vanya is I guess "informal" or short form of Ivan still вы (which is used for formal) is used in this sentence. Is вы here used for addressing two person (plural)?


If you do not tell me what are the rules when to use ты or вы, I'll choose one or the other all the time, because I do not know the rules which one to choose.


You can use вы when you talk to "respected" person - teacher, or someone who is older than you. And ты you can use when you talking with your friend. BUT in this situation, you talk with 2 persones, so we ALWAYS use вы when you talk with 2 or more persones. I hope now it's clear


I feel like using the short form «добро» should be fine too, but is it just one of those things where it's a phrase that never changes? It's been a few years.


Short forms are only used as predicates. They are also in a quite intricate relationship with the full form, with stylistic complications we only glance over in this course.

This being said, using "добро" is not possible here anyway because it would not be idiomatic even were we to assume it grammatically correct.


Спасибо! Я забыл об этом.


I can't write in russian no keyboard or words


Foreign languages/keyboards: The following is my experience using an Android Samsung S7 (I can't guess the navigation on Your device, but it's probably similar). Go to: General Management > Language and Input > Language > Add Language > follow the prompts to add as many languages as you want. After you've added a language, when you scroll your keyboard "space" bar (right/left) the keyboard changes to  -  in this case  -  Russian. I also emphatically suggest you download the SwiftKey keyboard app; it dovetails with Duolingo beautifully.


How did you get this far without a Russian keyboard?


I would say good day in the morning.


Фраза лишена смысла


I typed Bepa on my Latin keyboard and it told me it was wrong; it said it should be Bepa!


It should be either Вера or Vera. "Bepa" does not cut it.

For a computer, Cyrillic and Latin characters have different codes even though some of their designs are the identical in most fonts.

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