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"Et friminutt er vanligvis ti minutter."

Translation:A recess is usually ten minutes.

November 6, 2015



A "recess" in UK English is only used to describe the architectural feature. The UK time words are "break" for a short time and "lunch break/dinner break/dinner hour" for the longer time.


In what context is "friminutt" used? In (American) English, "recess" is generally used in elementary school to refer to a 1/2 hour - 45-minute period when kids run around and play. If "friminutt" means the time between classes at a high school or university, that would tend to be termed "a break" not "a recess." Might be different for UK English, though.


Schools have "friminutt" and only "storefri" which gives time for eating is 30 minutes. You have these breaks all the way from elementary school and until one starts college (so also in high school) Obviously only the younger children play, the older pupils usually just chat, check their phones and so on. So, seems fair enough to translate it to recess.

In university and college there isn't any name for the time between lectures, really. And lectures aren't always compulsory, so not every student would follow the lectures anyway.

Edit: See fveldigs comment about storefri, it is a widely used and understood word, at least in spoken Norwegian, but I guess you should stick to "the store friminuttet" instead, to be correct.


Apparently 'storefri' isn't a word in Bokmål. (which I admit is weird.)


It did not even occur to me to look it up, since I have seen it in writing so many times. Added to my answer to give the correct words.


Does 'storefri' equate with what would be called a 'lunch break'?


I get why you are translating it as "recess" but recess wouldn't be used that way past junior high/middle school. I think the translation, in English, would be contextual, and that "break" or "free time" should be acceptable synonyms. (This is also, I think, because the period of time would have to be longer than 10 minutes to qualify as a recess.)


The only recess that might take ten minutes happens in a courthouse.


Sounds more like just one free minute to me.

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