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  5. "Вот мой стол."

"Вот мой стол."

Translation:Here is my table.

November 6, 2015



It was under my bed the entire time! Silly me


You can also use this sentence in a context when you are showing someone around, for example, at work. "...And here is my desk", pointing to it.

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Interesting false friend with German Stuhl (chair). both related via an old word for "standing".


The Russian for "chair" is "стул", so it is not a false friend after all ;-)

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well, стол and "Stuhl" are, стул and Stuhl aren't :) thanks for the info, interesting that Russian would have two so similar words to name chair and table, that's probably creating some confusion.


Вот это стул - на нём сидят.

Вот это стол - за ним едят.


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is that what little Russians use for remembering? :)


Actually, these are lines from "Кошкин дом" - a famous rhymed fairy-tale about a rich cat who had a fancy house which later went on fire. She invites her friends (a couple of goats, a hen with a rooster, and a pig) and shows them around, teaching them how to use all those fancy furniture and other stuff they are unfamiliar with.

Children have no problems with "стол" and "стул". My toddler won't confuse them :-)


I got this wrong by putting вот мои стол. I thought I heard a difference between мой as "muy" and мои as "mo-i". Later in the session I got confused again and put вот мои стол instead of вот мой стол. Is there a pronunciation difference between мой and мои at all? Would there be a difference in this sentence? (if мои were correct - I know it's not)


"This is my desk" should be accepted.


Dont quote me but I think that'd translate to "это мои стол"


Вот means "here is", so, no, not really.


Why is the 'л' in стол silent when it is pronounced?


It isnt, its just like saying stool, sometimes the sounds drops off at rhe end if the word.


Can't this also be "There is my table."?


No that would be "Там мой стол."


Can't it be " This is my table" / " It is my table"?


'Вот' means 'here', so it has to be 'Here is my table'. I do believe that 'This is my table' would be 'Это мой стол.'


Yes, but when I was taught at school (It was mandatory, as post-soviet country) it also was used for subject of speech and as an expression: ну вот - well (when you are sad); ну вот, я так и знал- well, i knew that; вот так- like this. вот in a meaning "here" was used mostly for small things you can pass to people for example salt or pepper. We mostly used "здесь" for the meaning "here". So I was wondering if that translation is generally grammatically correct. As in my native language we have lots of similar words, but you use only in specific situations. It might be correct with the meaning, but fluent/native people do not use it that way.


I saw in another post that 'Вот' is used when you can say 'DaDah!' or in French 'Voila!' before the sentence. So if you are showing something you would use 'Вот' and if you are saying something like 'Is the Subway/Underground/Metro here?' it would be 'Это метро здесь?' I hope that makes sense.


Yes, yes ;) It sounds about right:)


What about таблица стол (stol)? Interchangable? Стол sounds too much like 100 in RU.


So confused about мои, мой, моя. Can't seem to get it right.


The english translation of стол is stool and not table.


How do you know if they are talking about a desk or a table?

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