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Some fun Russian music to listen to while learning?

Any suggestions for some good Russian singers to listen to? (I'm really only looking for family-friendly stuff; I've got kids at home with me!) This is one of my favorite parts of learning languages. I already know a little Serbo-Croatian and we all really enjoy Toše Proeski, but I'm willing to give anything a listen!

November 6, 2015



Toše Proeski! * nationalism intensifies* As I do not know many good Russian songs, I can direct you to some websites with Russian music! My favorite is www.tunein.com as it works for mostly any country. Another I can recommend is www.russianinternet.com , Good luck and have fun learning! :D


Have a look for traditional folk music. I'm a little partial to my own orchestra, here are some examples:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QayY_cV509U https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YX4MoDOFF5k


My favorite choir is Кубанский Казачий Хор, search for them on YouTube and you'll find a lot. DjukiNew1957 has a lot of their music and others with English subtitles of varying quality. Наталья Губа and Виктор Сорокин are the best soloists. They sing in Ukrainian as well as Russian. Some favorites: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K1LdxctI5OA




You can also find a lot of good songs by searching for Red Army Choir / Ансамбль Александрова. If you like folk-rock (I don't), you may like Ансамбль Криница or Жанна Бичевская.

Some other music I like:

Ансамбль Частушка - Песни Геннадия и Анастасии Заволокиных (Геннадий Заволокн was the greatest accordionist of Russia): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BIVE6HknTdI

Хор Сретенского монастыря - Выду ночью в поле с конём (great monastery choir, they sing both Orthodox and traditional music): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S5akf__LUUU

Любэ - Ясный сокол (not a rock song, though Любэ perform mostly rock. They're Vladimir Putin's favorite band, incidentally): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eZN_by52YfQ

Казачий ансамбль Атаман - Растревожили ветры вольные (Атаман is a mixture of traditional Cossack and newer patriotic music, including some rock songs. Also a little Orthodox music): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z3Exfl6RhFk

If that's not enough for you, I can give a lot more recommendations.


All that I've linked is family-friendly, by the way. Depending on how family-friendly you want, there may be a few Red Army Choir and perhaps Кубанский Казачий Хор songs that are suspect. Ансамбль Частушка, Хор Сретенского монастыря (obviously) and Ансамбль Атаман are devout Orthodox so certainly family-friendly, though depending on your beliefs theologically questionable sometimes.


By the way, is it considered cheating to upvote your own comments?


I do it if they get downvoted for no particular reason. Otherwise, I don't usually. Unless you're downvoting me for doing a smiley without a nose. :)


Started to upvote, then I noticed...


>Because on the ЙЦУКЕН keyboard it's a pain to Shift + 6 to get the :

Is THAT what the colon is?! I never use punctuation in my Russian answers here because I count myself lucky to know what the letters are but have no hope of sorting out the punctuation.

Of course (I smugly say) I just WindowsKey+Space back to American and I can do what I want! (Do I have to point out this is a joke/sarcasm?)

(I'm also looking for a different Russian keyboard chart - the one I have now is good for letters but anything else seems to be a "Here be dragons" void.)


anything else seems to be a "Here be dragons" void

You'll be well prepared for the "History" skill then...


Smileys without noses are the best kind :P ;)


I thought the true Russian way was no noses, no eyes. )))


Indeed. Because on the ЙЦУКЕН keyboard it's a pain to Shift + 6 to get the :. So if I'm going to insist on noses, I guess I'll have to start doing this -)))


Of course they are! P


That's a lot! Have some lingots!


If you don't have time to listen to all of those listed by Theron126 above, I highly recommend the following from it:

Kuban Cossack Choir - When we were at war

Horse - The choir of the Sretensky Monastery -- Хор Сретенского монастыря - Выду ночью в поле с конём (great monastery choir, they sing both Orthodox and traditional music)

The English translations I provided are compliments of Google Translate.


How about some Stravinsky, Tchaikovsky, Borodin, or Prokofiev? Russians have written some pretty amazing classical music. Stravinsky's Petrouchka is awesome. For Tchaikovsky try Symphony No. 4 or Capriccio Italien. For Borodin I suggest Symphony No. 2 or In the Steppes of Central Asia. Prokofiev Piano Concerto 3 or his Romeo and Juliet ballet suites. Rimsky-Korsakov's Capriccio Espagnol is awesome. Scheherezade is worth a listen as well! Glinka's Overture to Ruslan and Ludmilla is lovely.


Here's a link to a production of the ballet Petrouchka. It's some trippy stuff! It's about puppets! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oQSV-hgUXsw


One more thing. Here's a video of conductor Gergiev with the Mariinsky Theatre Orchestra doing the Russlan and Ludmilla overture. It's almost too fast haha. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nyx99YcHdIQ


Awesome suggestions, I'm already partial to Tchaikovsky in particular! Thanks :)


sunsay, 5nizza, alina orlova


Well, if you enjoy pop-rock, there's Земфира who's just really cool, I love her style. This is her, live: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BB3XNOAngc0


How about the Russian version of the movie Frozen's "Let it go"? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZxqYInBDwss

It's family-friendly and has english subtitles. The Russian subtitles can be found scrolling a bit down the comments.


Well, my kids are totally okay with this particular notion! :)


Yes! This is fun, thank you.


Have a lingot for making the baby dance! :)


This is very late but I feel like you should have added that while Fish might be family friendly, Leningrad as whole is generally (entirely?) not. I'm glad jennadilts' baby enjoyed it, though! I do, too! Quite a lot!

But they are not the first group that comes to mind when someone asks for family-friendly music. Also, I love Шнур and his response to the ban. A bit off-topic but it reminds me of Tim Minchin's response to a similar issue.

And even further off-topic, anyone who thinks that those who swear prolifically are in any way less intelligent or only able to simplistically express ideas need to take a closer look at these two very clever performers.

Circling back - they're still not generally family friendly though.


How about some Vitas (витас)? He is not for people who can't stand men who sing in falsetto a lot, but he's covered so many songs in a bunch of different styles (including Italian opera, the song from the movie The Fifth Element, a Romanian folk song, traditional Russian songs) and has a variety of his own tunes. This is a recent cover that is catchy and has been stuck in my head and the video has the words! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d-kpKRrhkvM

I like watching YouTube videos of his interviews too, as he is a slow, thoughtful, deliberate speaker.


If you have kids home then you should definitely watch "masha and the bear / Маша и Медведь" with them :) But it when it comes to music - maybe try Mumiy Troll


We've watched that before! We love Маша!


Thanks, everyone! We're all enjoying the suggestions so far!


One of my favorite singers, was Czeslaw Niemen, who was Polish but grew up in the Soviet Union before moving to Poland, and as a child learned Russian folksongs, which he recorded.

Some songs here:



I also recommend Anna German, who also lived in Poland but recorded many Russian songs.



Try Alexey Vorobyov, songs like Now or never, Bolshe chem lyubov, Leto or Alisa. Don’t be confused by the english title, it's in russian but you'll find it online more easily like this. Hope you like it!


Aside from some classical composers already mentioned, I don't know much Russian music, but I do I like this lullaby a lot from the latest "Anna Karenina" flm: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hwOHDO7DJXc

It's called "The Girl and the Birch" by Dario Marianelli, based off a fairy tale. If any of you are interested in learning the words or how to play it on piano, you can find the sheet music with the lyrical phonetic spelling (and translation) here: http://kodalysongweb.net/sites/default/files/Birch%20Tree%20(russion%20lyrics)_0.pdf


григорий лепс! He has such a cool sounding voice. https://youtu.be/PDm9HfLCagM?list=RDVHRx2puAWMQ


Who, if anyone, would you say is the Russian equivalent of the following:



Duran Duran

Depeche Mode


The Beattles

Pink Floyd



Foo Fighters

David Bowie


Ricky Martin

The Gypsy Kings

George Michael

Harry Connick, Jr.

Celine Dion



Уматурман, БИ-2, Любэ

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