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  5. "Анна там?"

"Анна там?"

Translation:Is Anna there?

November 6, 2015



I would use another name other than Anna because it sounds very similar to она


They don't even have the same stress, and Анна has a double Н.

Everything sounds similar to a learner, and there is no way around that. In the course of English people swear to god "it" sounds the same as "its", and "ducks" sound like "dogs", which, as you probably know, is not true.


This is not an accurate comparison. Its and it can not be compared to two words that the computer promo ounces the same way.


In case my post was not clear, IVONA's Salli is good enough. It does not pronounce it and its the same.

Neither are она and Анна pronounced the same by the voice this course employs. If you are still confused, listen carefully to the sentence in the header once again and pay attention to the following:

  • there is a double «н» there
  • the stress is on the first syllable
  • it is hard to discern the vowel betwen Н and Т

It may seem rather minor but stress is a big deal in Russian. Trust your ears because the vowels you hear will depend on where the accent is (only the accented vowel is in the "strong" position and is usually pronounced close to what it sounds in the alphabet).


Thanks for that info.


Perhaps using the turtle setting would help? I often find the Russian sentences go too fast for me to understand at this point in my study, so I "cheat" and listen to the slow setting instead.


This sounds like "ona" and not "Anna" to a native speaker. Please use "Yulia" or any other name, this is confusing.


"Anna" has a longer "n" sound in Russian than the one spoken here. To avoid confusion you could simply use a different name.


Нужно однозначно перезаписать. Я как носитель русского и то не расслышала.


This is weird, three times in a row I translated correctly, but the tool tells me it's wrong. The first two times I repeated it in Russian as I did not realise I had to translate, but now that I do, it tells me it's wrong. Maybe because English is not my native language? Is anyone else having that problem?


Is there a difference between clarifying and asking apart from the intonation?


This is the first time the word там came up. I had to improvise.


Sometimes the vocal recognizer does not work properly...annoying


It sounds like he said "Анна Тим"


It is a question Anna there? Not Anna's there which is an answer to a question. You are asking to translate Анна там?


I have a general question. How do I write in Russian characters? If not possible, how do i skip spelling questions without losing all previous work?


If you use your phone then you need to get into settings, language and tick Russian.


How would you say ANNA IS THERE?


It flags as incorrect if you don't use a question mark but the inflection doesn't sound like it's a question. Does Russian not use tonal inflection?


Never mind, I realized I was using и instead of н.


Why not interrogative signs on the russian writeing exercise ?


It can also mean, "Anna is over here."


In this case English word order would not be matter, I think. Is there Anna or is Anna there.

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