"Извини, ты Ваня?"

Translation:Excuse me, are you Vanya?

November 6, 2015

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What is the difference between Извини и Извините?


Извини when you refer to a single person (ты), Извините - to multiple people (вы) or formally to a single person (Вы)


Excuse me, are you Vanya? Said it's almost correct. Shouldn't it be excuse me insted of sorry when you try to be polite and ask someone something? Sorry, I am not native English speaker.


You are correct. Excuse me is more natural in such a scenario. However pardon/"pardon me" is similarly to извини (те) and helps me remember the two.


Извини- can be said to a friend,or a person who you know; Извините- is a polite form and is used to say sorry to a person you don't know,or to an elderly


Why not вы Ваня instead of ты?


It is implied by "извини" instead of "извините" that the question is asked in an informal environment (e.g. among teens).

• Извини = Imperativ for 1 Person in an informal way (e.g. among friends and family oramong teens) • Извините = Imperative for 2 or more people OR for 1 person in a formal way (e.g. business environment or among grown ups, who are neither friends or family members)

Therefore it is followed by the "ты" instead of "вы".

• Ты = possessive pronoun "you" for 1 person in an informal environment • Вы = possessive pronoun "you" for 2 or more people OR for 1 person in a formal situation

Is it either "Извини, ты ...?" or "Извините, вы ...?", depending on the level of formality.


What is the English equivalent of Vanya (other than Vanya itself)?


Vanya is a nickname for Ivan. The "English" version of Ivan would be "John". So Vanya is kinda like Johnny I guess?


When do you say "excuse me: snd when is it "sorry"?


You say "sorry" after you did something and want to apologize, and you say "excuse me" before e.g. you want to ask something. So in this context it should be "excuse me", not "sorry" :(


If i got it right, the "Извини" is formal while the "ты" is informal. Is it okay to mix formal and informal forms in one sentence? And if it is, what will be the terminal meaning of the entire sentence - formal, because of the "извини", or maybe informal, because of the "Ты"?


In this context, "Извини" should be interchangeable with the english "Pardon," no? I assumed that it's simply used as an attention grabbing interjection...


I typed answer exactly and it highlighted excuse as being wrong? Glitch?


Vanya or Vania in English is the same and is not a mistake!


Why are they using "ТЫ" with introductions? In a previous exercise they made off like that never happened.


why the ты though? if you dont know them, wouldnt ты be adding insult to injury?


Am I the only one that hears "извини, ты ИВАН " and not Vanya ?


This came up for me as a type-what-you-hear prompt.

I heard (and it accepted) "извините ваня", and I was wondering why it would have the formal/plural conjugation for the informal singular nickname.

I'm not complaining that I didn't lose a heart here—that owl owes me, after all—but I just found it slightly amusing.


no Cyrillic keyboard


"Извини" also means "excuse me" why in this case why was my answer wrong? The drop down also reads "excuse me".


There is no Vania. Only Zuul.


When aren't we interrupting people from intellectual thought? Even if I am not reading a book, newspaper, or idle conversation, as an adult, my mind is learning a language, Russia, at the moment, so to not go through my secretary for an appointment to get my attention would certainly be correct or spot on to start by acknowledging I am a thinker and thus your sudden intrusion or interruption most certainly calls for an immediate apology, such as "SORRY", or not start my auto pilot of giving you a wise guy smack for you assuming to boss me into some waste of time nonsense to help you momentarily with your absentmindedness.


'Pardon', should be accepted.


Pardon should have been accepted, no?


Not accepting correct answers


The voice had an affirmative tone. Like if he wanted to say: "Excuse me, [but] you are Ivan :-("

:-D :-D :-D


Why be sorry? Where is your self respect? Translate as : Excuse me.


Why would you be sorry to ask someone's name. This is a horrible translation. Excuse me is what it should translate to


It seems that this is being spoken to a stranger. Shouldn't it be izvinitye instead of izvini?


With «ты» should be «извини», with «вы» should be «извините»


Sorry, are you Vanya? Cause if not I'm not talking to you.


Dang typos ruin my perfect score

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