"I am going to a café with her."

Translation:Я иду с ней в кафе.

November 6, 2015

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What is wrong with я иду в кафе с ней?


I gave the same answer, so I'd really like to know the reason why it's wrong. Without context, we don't know which topic or item in the sentence is being emphasized. And I've come to believe that Russian word order is flexible within certain guidelines. So, what's wrong?


Wondering the same thing, 6 months later...

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I think that they are trying to use a cafe rather than the cafe to let us know that cafe is not what is being emphasized. I don't know whether this is just a DL convention to make sure that we get practice in placing the aspect we want to emphasize further forward in the sentence, or whether the moderators actually think that is the function of a and the in English usage. In any case, I am finding it very hard to remember the convention, since that is NOT the function I (as a native English speaker) associate with a and the! Maybe with a few more months of study .....


Still not accepted, March 2019


Your theory of emphasis being placed further forward in the sentence doesn't seem to hold up, I just got marked wrong on "Я с ней иду в кафе". I just keep reporting things, can't tell if it's arbitrary or following some kind of system ¯_(ツ)_/¯


It kind of is... you just don't have to emphasize who's going. Some other questions use first person pronoun, then verb, then indirect object.

Also, with your answer, it would be Мы с ней идём в кафе; essentially saying "We, including her, are going to a cafe" (but I'm not sure why Я с ней идём в кафе is not accepted; the Мы form is)


Still not accepted, June 2019


Same frustration. Keep reporting it.


I think it may be because of some general basic priorities on proper order, and unless clearly indicated, we'd better follow them. Like subject + verb + direct obj + indirect obj + complements (of place, time, ...). I doubt, though, if indirect object should go first by default, before the direct object. Could this be the reason behind forcing the answer to be "я иду с ней в кафе"?


Still not accepted, Dec. 2019...


Why is "Мы с ней идём в кафе". not correct? I believe this is how we were taught to say it in school.


I believe that would be equivalent to the English "She and I are going..." This has a slightly different meaning than "I am going ... with her." It's a very minute difference, but it would require the corresponding word order for an accurate translation. Word placement is very important to emphasis in the Russian language.


My answer was: Я иду в кафе с ней.

The answer was: You used the wrong word. Я собираюсь в кафе с ней.

What is this собираться here?


I believe that must be a glitch, because that doesn't make sense.


"Я иду в кафе с ней" не правильно?


"Я иду с ней в кафе" или "я иду в кафе с ней" разницы нет, добавьте вариант пожалуйста


Is the recommended answer more conversational? I was taught the "мы с кем?" construction for "I and ___"


Мы с ней идем - She and I are going


Yes, isn't мы с ней more natural?


I thought собираться would be used like this: я собираюсь идти в кафе с ней. I am going to go to the cafe with her. ??


or as they say in Texas: I'm fixin to go to the cafe with her. hehe


Texas is a strange place! How do they say I'm fixing the car then?


I'm fixing to fix the car. (Though 'fixing to do something' is more like 'preparing to do something,' so the answer is really 'I'm fixing the car.' I'm just a smart alec.)


I wanted to say "Я пойду в кафе с ней" but DL didn't like it. :(


That would be "I will go to the cafe with her." Present continuous is needed in this exercise. :)


"Я иду в кафе с ней." was not accepted, but correct, reported 2019.12.25


Would к кафе work here?


That's specifically "towards the café".

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