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  5. "Du har en lur sønn."

"Du har en lur sønn."

Translation:You have a smart son.

November 6, 2015



Does lur have the kind of negative connotation sly has?


No. Unless you're saying 'lur som en rev' (sly as a fox).


Does "lur" have the same conmotations as "clever" in English? "Clever" implies one is capable of figuring things out, which "smart" can cover, but is not bound to it, and can just be someone who happens to know a lot of information.


Are "flink" and "lur" interchangeable adjectives?


lur = clever
flink = skilled/good at


I don't think you can both pronounce the "r s" and the "s" after the other. You need to choose, in my opinion, because it's a liaison happening here...


'You have a lotion...'


Can lur mean wise


No I have a clever son, he might also be "smart" if he wore a suit and brushed his hair.


Ok. I get now that "lur" means bright/smart and that was why it was introduced with a lightbulb for the graphic. But "clever" has sneaky connotaions and is hardly ever used the same way in English as "bright/smart" are.

Is there another word to use instead of "lur" that would give that same connotation? Because when I saw the word "clever" introduced, I picked out the politician instead of the lightbulb for this exact same reason. A lightbulb is bright, not clever. A politician may be clever, but not bright.


In British English clever would not be thought of as having sly connotations and the first thing to come to mind for the word smart is well presented or well dressed.


Can't we use Kid instead of Son here?


No, you need to be as specific as the original sentence is.

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