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"Папа сидит возле двери и курит."

Translation:Dad is sitting near the door and smoking.

November 6, 2015



Need to fix the English on this one. "Sits and smokes" or "is sitting and smoking" but you can't say "is sitting and smokes".


"is sitting and smoking" definitely sounds more natural


I disagree. The standard answer now seems to be Dad is sitting near the door and smoking, which sounds strange to me. I much prefer is sitting near the door smoking, is sitting near the door and is smoking and is sitting near the door and smokes


Mixing active and passive voice is bad grammar. So "sits and is smoking" would be discouraged. "Sits and smokes" is the best English rendering.


is smoking is not passive voice. (And "mixing active and passive voice is bad" is too vague to be a principle of English grammar.)


Passive voice in English uses "is" plus the infinitive. Therefore "is smoking" is passive.


Passive voice is when the object that is being acted upon becomes the subject - "tobacco is being smoked". "Dad is smoking" is in fact not passive voice, it's present continuous tense.

You're right though that the sentence is ugly, but it's because of the mixing of tenses. "Dad sits near the door and smokes" has a different meaning from "Dad is sitting near the door and smoking". The two don't really combine.

Edit: the suggested translation has been changed - as it is now it's fine.


Passive voice in English uses a form of the verb be or the verb get and the past participle (smoked). (And smoking is not an infinitive, but a present participle. smoke is the infinitive.)


You're right about the infinitive (it was late at night or early in the morning), but "to be" plus verb is passive voice, so "is smoking" is still passive. And mixing active and passive is bad writing in English. Switching "voices" within a sentence is certainly bad form: "One further caution about the passive voice: we should not mix active and passive constructions in the same sentence."


I think that is sitting near the door and smoking does not sound natural... better is sitting and smoking near the door but i get wrong answer


I wrote "sitting near the door smoking", and it was correct. I think, perhaps, this should be the standard answer


I am not english mothertongue but I think the same


Either ordering is fine and it's better to maintain the one most similar to the Russian to preserve meaning/emphasis.


I entered "dad is sitting and smoking near the door", which was rejected - why?


If you change the word order the meaning will likely change slightly and you're running the lottery.


Smoking causes lung cancer.


And poverty. :-)


двери in genitive here because of возле? Or is it prepositional?


Genitive (возле).


Stop smoking, Papa :'(


I think the English translation needs an extra "is" - "and is smoking". Not having it in the options for selecting words is really confusing.


yes, either "Dad is sitting and smoking near the door" wich is marked as wrong or "dad is sitting near the door and is smoking" wich is not possible with the boxes because there is only 1 is.


The English on this one indeed needs fixing.


Why the sentence "Dad is sitting near the door and smokes" is wrong?


what's the difference between около, возле, and близко? do they all mean near/by?


I don't hear "и" after "двери"


It is a common TTS problem. You should be able to hear it in the slower version. Also, the sentence would sound unnatural without И, so a native or a fluent speaker would put И even without hearing it clearly.


"Also, the sentence would sound unnatural without И"

Папа сидит возле двери - курит. - Quite a natural sentence. (He is smoking and that's why he is seating near the door)


There would be a pause in this case.


Naturally, you would not hear it because the и of лери runs together with the following и.


True, but I guess it is something we must get used to. In Russian pop-songs, I hear "Ты и я" all of the time and it only sounds like 2 words.


"Dad sits near the door and is smoking" is wrong??? ❤❤❤!!!!!!


If the events are happening at the same time, you should use the same tense for both "sit" and "smoke". So either he sits and smokes, or he is sitting and smoking.


Why is "Dad sits near the door and he smokes." wrong?


It sounds awkward to use "he" here since we have one subject doing both actions.


Call Dancing Pallbearers now!


дверИ, not двЕри


Actually, shouldn't it be the other way around (stress should be двЕри)? See грамота.ру.


Курит is being pronounced курят


The new update of this app seems to have lest tolerance for misspelling. I can't even spell in english. It makes it very frustrating to get an answer "wrong" because of one letter


Does sound wrong


Dad is sitting near the door and smoking is not idiomatic English: Dad sits near the door and smokes is fine and should be accepted especially as it is MUCH better than the solution


I thought this was for kids, or I don't know how PG websites work.


If you're applying the MPAA's arbitrary rating system then yes this fails to meet their "PG" standards, but in general there is nothing mature or adult in this sentence.


I don't know how mature words work.

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