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  5. "Мальчик идёт в школу."

"Мальчик идёт в школу."

Translation:The boy is going to school.

November 6, 2015



The boy is an idiot in the school.


hahaha i was playing csgo for too long and i remember playing with russians and they kinda saying idiot i thought they are trash talking me but they're just telling where someone is going jesus f


Идёт implies he is walking?


Yes, the verb идти means "to go" by foot. If you say ехать, it's the same thing but it implies vehichular travel of some kind. The languages has several ways to say "go" as it is a very specific language and thus it is important to know them all.


@Kokoro_kaiju: what is your source for this belief?


Same question. Is it walking or going?


In the app, with the word selection exercise, I was only given the option "walking", so I guess it is implied...


i had this exercise and it gave me "is going to" and not "walking" so either or i guess


Going by walking not implied but stated


It appears to be a general "to go" (as in a car can also "идёт" somewhere), that however implies to go on foot if used on its own like in this exercise. Seems to be kind of like the German "gehen" etc. in that sense.

Not sure, maybe a native could confirm?


Among the verbs of motion are some which have 2 forms in the imperfect aspect. One verb form refers to a movement towards a specific goal, whereas the othe verb form refers to a movement that isn't goal-oriented.

Example: Идти́ в музей = to be on the way to the museum; Ходи́ть в музей = to visit a museum.

Source: laminated pages of "Grammar at a glance" by ed. PONS, German version.

Note that there is no mention of any vehicle being relevant, as (falsely) suggested by another user above.


Why is accusative used here instead of prepositional?


That's because of the motion. When the boy is at school, we say "Мальчик в школе".


I put "the boy goes to school" and got it right, but don't really get it. Is it a present tense or something...


Yes, it's the present tense.


Where is the stress in школу? The new voices seem to stress it on the о, but I thought I remembered the old voice stressing it on the у.


Is B really the correct prepostions? Just wondering...


Yes, it is correct.


Is there some rule for this, or is it just the way it is commonly said? Specifically, why is it that with work, for instance, "я иду на работу", but with school "я иду в школу"?


This is the way it is commonly said. Я иду/еду в школу, в университет, в магазин, в ресторан, в кафе, в парк, в лес, в поле, в цирк, в кино, в театр. Я иду/еду на работу, на вокзал, на станцию, на концерт, на спектакль, на лекцию, на занятия. Я иду/еду к врачу, к психологу, к подруге, к маме, к друзьям.


Thanks for the elaborate answer!


"Work" is not a building, so you cant go inside, that is way you use "na" instead pf "b"


A park isn't a building either, and yet according to what olimo said above, you should write "Я иду/еду в парк".


Obviously because you can go inside a park, no?


When do you use в?


Can i say "the boy is walking in the school "?


Why школу and not школа? ; )


When there is movement towards something is implied, the Accusative is used instead of the prepositional (or even the nominative). Russian grammar = difficult grammar :))


I agree. Russian is very easy except for the grammar


Why is "school" in the accusative? why not locative?

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