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  5. "Де вагон номер дев'ять?"

"Де вагон номер дев'ять?"

Translation:Where is carriage number nine?

November 6, 2015



The English is wrong here. Not only is an article not required, it's actually wrong. Just as you wouldn't say "I live in THE flat 36", you wouldn't say "where is THE carriage number 9" (and, incidentally, "carriage" is a more natural translation of "вагон" - but I've reported that so many times I've given up on it being allowed


For newcomers who see this top-upvoted comment from 3 years ago, it's no longer so in this exercise. "The" is not accepted.


"Carriage" is probably correct in Britain but in Canada and the US, the term is "car," without reference to rail unless it is a discussion of different kinds of cars or a situation where people aren't aware that it's about a train.




"Where is train car number nine?" Is the correct way to say this in English. Yet, I am told it is incorrect.


No, in English no one would say "train car." They would say car, because they are clearly walking in a railway station near a train.


Accepted now. Just report, don't clutter the comments.


They should accept answers with or without "the"


З яких пір вагон перекладається англійською як "a car"?


Train car, так і є...


railcar або railroad car взагалі-то... Не тільки потяг має вагони.


Можна і так, в розмовній мові можна і просто car


Справа як раз в тим, що тут дуолінго не приймає правильної відповіді, але приймає синонім, і маркерує як єдину павильну.


Це вже питання до розробників. З усіма тими синонімами ще роботи непочатий край, а бажаючих допомогти - обмаль


I reported about the audio - but I only get the options to report the audio if it doesn't sound right. There's also this option: it's not taking my recording on the last word.

This exercise is not picking up my word дев'ять - but picks up all the other words. I've done this dozens of times already and say it exactly mimicking the speaker, repeating, saying it louder - it doesn't matter what I do, it's not picking it up.


Numbers have issues for some reason. Even if you literally play the Duolingo's original audio back to it during the speaking exercise, it will not register it. It's something on the deeper level of Duolingo that volunteering contributors/moderators have no influence on; I've notified the Duolingo staff already. It's not only for this exercise, it's a general thing. One person from the Norwegian course commented that they have similar issues.

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