"How are you doing?"

Translation:Как дела?

November 6, 2015

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Should "Как ты?" be allowed?


I also think как ты? should be accepted. I speak russian since I was born


Как ты, is how are you(specifically you), как дела, is how are you(like whats up)


that should be the only solution, i mean " как дела" is " how is it going " is it not?


I would say that «Как ты?» is more used as a question about someone's health or physical condition and less as a greeting in general


what is the difference between "kak dela" or "kak ti" ? please give me a little exlaination


как дела? = how are your affairs/things?

как ты? = how are you? (doing, feeling, etc.)


Hi Olimo, can you please confirm this: I understood from another comment (in another lesson) that RUssians do not ask "how are you" in the same sense that other countries do (Americans, Brazilians, etc). If they ask, it is because they really want to know (for example, if someone is sick in a hospital, or something like that...) Then как дела is more appropriate for day-to-day life??!!


Not really. Как ты and how are you are mostly interchangeable in day to day talk. But if someone is in the hospital (or it is some other emergency) you shouldn't ask them "Как дела?" since it is more casual talk type. But every phrase usually can be flipped upside down with the tone you are using.


Yes, you totally right. I'm Russian and we live this way ) How are you? = Как ты? How are you doing? = Как ДЕЛа? Do = ДЕЛать single root in Russian ))


Then shouldn't как ты be acceptable here? All it asks is "how are you doing"...


Got it. Thank you


why isn't "как ты?" accepted while, in an other exercise, "how are you doing?" was translated by "как ты?"?


That was exactly why I typed как ты. Duolingo seems to be full of crap like this. "You're wrong even though this is the answer we told you was right."


Is this the proper way to really start a conversation? Would I go up to someone and ask "How are you doing?" or "Как дела?" or would there be a more formal or more appropriate / popular way of doing that?


I wrote "Как ты?"as well. "how are you" and "how are you doing" are virtually the same, only specific context couple separate them I feel.


So, how are you doing in general and how are you doing like health-wise. Like geNKi?


The sentence is "how are you doing" как ты is closer to "how are you". The addition of doing "implies" the use of дела. From what i can tell no one who speaks Russian will correct you usually but duo just wants to know you remember what дела means.


Why is "как дела у тебя" not acceptable?


This variant in Russia also acceptable


Как у тебя дела is a more correct way to write it (and is an accepted answer)


"Как Дела?" Sounds similiar to the spanish saying of "Como te va?" and sounds more like "Como le va?" too, wich for me, is a more relaxed/casual and less intimate way of asking "how are you." As a native spanish speaker I use "como te va" and "Como le va?" in that way, other native spanish spearkers may use it the other way, wich is totally fine. It can be used as a personal way of asking someone how they are, but "Como te va?" and "Como le va?" what I say all the time when meeting people on the streets. It just depends on the tone.

And "Как ты" can be interpreted as "Como estas tu?"

Idk, that's my way to tell them apart...


From what I understood, "как дела?" means "how are things going?", while "как ты?" is more personal... if it makes sense. It's the same question but with a slightly different connotation.


I think the thing I found confusing in the answer is not the use of "dela" (sorry, no cyrillic keyboard here), but the lack of any word in the russian that means "you" or "your". It seems to me that "kak dela" ought to translate as "how are things" (in general, not necessarily YOUR things). Maybe the asker is interested in business or family, not in you specifically.


Russian uses possessives much less than English. Here, it is implied that the speaker asks about your "things". You can also ask "как твои/ваши дела", but that is not really necessary.


Understood. But the app asked me to translate "How are you doing?" into Russian, and I am still new enough that I spent some time trying to figure out the correct form of "ty" to use before finally getting it wrong, which seemed unfair to me under the circumstances... :)


I think that's a good point. I think Duolingo isn't the best at teaching languages from scratch.


In English you can say "how are things?"


Yes, it's fairly casual. It would be less appropriate to use it with someone you didn't know. There are plenty of similarity casual variations on it. Even "How's things" "How's tricks" (In Australia) "How's you" (Bad grammar, very informal and a bit cutesy, but common in the UK)

https://en.m.wiktionary.org/wiki/how%27s_things https://en.m.wiktionary.org/wiki/how%27s_tricks https://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/how-s-you


"как ты" is accepted as an answer for "How are you", which, in English, means the same thing as "How are you doing". If "как ты" and "как дела" are not equivalent to each other in Russian, than this should be explained in a way other than accepting only one as the Russian translation of one English term, and only the other as the Russian translation of another English term having the same meaning.


Why is как дела ты marked wrong?


It is grammatically wrong. You should say "Как твои дела?" or "Как у тебя дела?"


A little question: What's basically "y"? Although I think the answer won't be that easy...

If there is something similar to that "y" in any other language, please tell me so I can understand it better



It is a preposition, sort of "by" in English, sometimes sort of "chez" in French or "bei" in German. There is hardly any direct equivalent, so you'll have to learn it by practice anyway.


Okay, practice makes perfect.

Thanks again!


Я [нахожусь] у брата = I am with my brother at his home

Я [нахожусь] у этого дома (у=возле, около) = I am near that house

У неё нет брата = She doesn't have brother

У нас нет времени = We have no time

У кошки четыре лапы = Cat has four paws

Я уже у цели = I am moving to the goal and it is quite close (near)


why we use genitive of дело?


It's actually the plural nominative. Neutral nouns ending with -о have plurals that end with -а and those ending with -е have plurals that end with -я.


Your question is reasonable! DuoLingo pronounces it wrong all the time all over the course. It should sound: как делА́ ( instead of как дЕ́ло)


I think it should be как твои дела, if being informal. It's like "how are your things/affairs [going]?"


The normal sentence is как дела. Using как твои дела is more specific, so seems to suggest you're talking about something specific. Like "how's that project going?"


They are interchangeable. Как дела, Как у тебя дела, Как у вас дела, Как твои дела, Как ваши дела. You only need to pick the proper formal/informal version.


Как вам деалете - why is that incorrect?


I think you may have been going for "как вы делаете?" which would be somewhat grammatically correct, but it would not be the correct translation in this case. The Russian expression for "how are you doing" does not include the literal translation for "doing" (делаете). Instead, the Russian expressions for this include literal meanings like "how are things?" or "how are you?" or "how are your affairs?" and even "how are you living?" In general my impression is that generic verbs, like "doing," are avoided as much as possible in Russian.


"Как вы делаете" may be used in sentences like: Как вы делаете соус? How do you make sauce? Как вы это делаете? How do you do that? But, of course, this is not the same as the sentence in question.


If I would talk to a respectful person I would say: Как вы делаете? Is this phrase absolutely wrong?


reading this sentence all i could think of was Joey Tribbiani ^^


Is Как вас дела allowed?


The tranlation is not good!


Why not как вы живете?


"Как вы поживаете?" would sound more natural and should be accepted.


i put in у вас всё хорошо, why wouldn't this be acceptable?


I don't understand why, when one has to translate "как вы?, "how are you doing?" is correct and, when one has to translate "how are you doing?", "как вы?" is not correct!!!


This sentence is wrong . What is the diference from Как ты and как дела


How are you doing? — что ты делаешь.

How are your thinds? — как твои дела


Yes, it should be как дела.

Now it messed up my streak


What about как поживаешь?


I do not have a russian keyboard and cannot answer. Am I stupid or is there an actual way to answer this without the correct equipment?


You don't need a Russian keyboard - you can tell your keyboard to start acting Russian. Assuming you're using Windows 10, you can do this by going to "Edit language and keyboard options", then "Region & Language", then click the "Add a language" button and select Russian. After you do that (once), you can thereafter switch back and forth between Russian and English (or whatever) via a setting down in your task bar near the clock.

Of course, you also have to know what key corresponds to what Russian letter. I suggest searching the web for an image of a Russian keyboard. Use that image as a reference at first, then gradually try to wean yourself off of it. Took me, I don't know, maybe a couple weeks before I felt more or less confident typing Russian characters without looking at the image of a Russian keyboard.


When I was in school, I learned this question as "Как дела идут?" and the answer would be "Дела идут хорошо". Is that still correct?


Why "Как ты?" is incorrect? It is common phrase in Russian


Как ты is the right answer. Duolingo step up your game smh


I used как поживаешь and it was marked incorrect.


It wont accept my answer just because i dont have a russion keyboard


Darn, i accidentally put как дела in the blank instead of just как


"Как ты" or "как вы" should be accepted.


Why is there not the word "doing" in this sentence when translated to the Russian languge or does "дела" mean "doing"?


дела is the plural of дело and means "affairs". So как дела? translates more as "how are things?"


shouldn’t как ты work? my babushka says that is more commonly used rather than как дела


" how are you" it s enough


"Как живешь?"


this is literally what i answered how is it wrong?


Why not "как тебя дела"


Why not "Как тебя дела"


I tap on the sentence, and it translates to "Как тибя дела?" but when i put that as an answer, it says the correct answer is "Как дела?". Which is correct then??


"Как поживаешь?" Was also accepted. Go figure.


Why is the translation "как у тебя дела" if they've only taught us "как ты" and "как дела"?


What is the literal translation of this?

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