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  5. "Do you need milk?"

"Do you need milk?"

Translation:Вам нужно молоко?

November 6, 2015



Тебе надо молоко?


I'd rather say "Тебе надо молока?" which would be closer to "Do you need some milk?"


zirkul just had a great comment a few sentences back saying that надо can really only be used when the need is of a verb and нужен etc is necessary when the need is of a noun.


I used “вам надо молоко’’ and it was rejected. Anybody know why? When I put my Russian sentence into the translator, it came back, “You need milk.” I have never heard of the rule about надо requiring a verb and нужен requiring a noun. When I put “Do you need to read?” into the translator, it came back as “вам нужно прочитать ли?” So this makes me question that rule.


Нужно can use either a noun or a verb but otherwise your rule is correct and the reason why your answer wasn't accepted.

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