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  5. "My brother lives in Moscow."

"My brother lives in Moscow."

Translation:Мой брат живёт в Москве.

November 6, 2015



Why sometimes is Москва and sometimes Москве?


Russian nouns have different forms called "cases", depending on how they're used in the sentence or what preposition they follow. Москва is the nominative form, which is used for the subject of a sentence. Prepositional case is used after the prepositions в, на, о and при. Москва In prepositional case becomes Москве.


Excelent explained, thanks


I wrote 'Мой брат живет в Москве.' It accepted the translation but highlighted 'Живет' as being incorrect. Is this an error?


The correct spelling is живёт. Russians will often write е instead of ё.


why мой брат живёт на москве incorrect?


that sounds like your brother lives on (top of) moscow. it is the same in both english and russian in this case: my brother lives IN moscow/мой брат живёт В москве.


We can say that 'В' like 'IN' and 'НА' like 'ON', but... what about 'AT'?


Should it not be on 4th padesh? aka accusative case?

Мой брат живёт в москву


No, it's "in" in the sense of location, not in the sense of transition, so it's prepositional.


Is it entirely necessary to say the possessive pronoun "my" when talk about ones one brother or sister or parents. Ive been told by multiple native speakers that this is unnecessary and rarely spoken like that. Can we at the very least not mark it wrong when we choose to omit it in those situations?


The Russian language is not easy than hindi


What is difference between моя and мои ?


In Russian there's a rule that works most of the time. Words ending in an consonant are masculine, words ending in an "a" sound are feminine and words ending in an "i" sound are plural. So моя is feminine and мои is plural. It doesn't work like this all the time but it will get you thinking about words the right way.

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