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  5. "Извини, папа."

"Извини, папа."

Translation:Sorry, dad.

November 6, 2015



Now i can dissapoint my father in russia too!


Is this the informal/familiar version of иэвините?

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Yes. Note that Э and З are different letters. The former is a bit like a curved backwards E (imagine a mirrored C with a bar) The latter looks like a 3, similar to one of the hadwritten shapes of Z.


You're right. I'm using a European AZERTY keyboard switched to Russian and з is where my p-key is and Э is where my ù/% key is. They're quite close to each other and I mixed them up.


If you're serious about learning Russian, you can buy little stickers to display the Cyrillic letters on your keyboard keys. You should look for the transparent ones with the letters in a different colour. I bought a laptop in Russia and both the Latin and Cyrillic letters are white so it's not as easy to see them next to each other. I've seen keyboards with one alphabet in white and the other in light blue. This makes more sense.


You can also buy a cheap wired Russian keyboard and use it when you do Duolingo or type to Russian people! :)


Yes, this is a better idea if you can afford it. I used stickers on a laptop keyboard once and eventually they came off and left a fade mark behind. A cheap secondary keyboard will last longer and not cause damage on your English keyboard.


Does this word mean sorry or excuse me? Also, what would be the difference between izvini and izvinitie..(sorry no Cyrillic keyboard). Thanks!


Both. Извини is singular, and informal, used when you're talking to a person you already know; извините is either the plural or the formal, used when you're talking to a stranger, or a doctor, etc.


Спасибо большое


The voice sounds like it is saying baba not papa.


Should it be прости?


Скажи и извини endings are not something like читаешь (-ешь). Is it just because not all verb have -ешь endings for the second person sg.?

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It is imperative :). Verbs will usually end in И or Й in imperative, sometimes in Ь (depends on what you are left with when you remove the present tense ending).

These are covered in more detail after the third checkpoint.


I noticed that it was because I just started the present class and there was only a difference between ишь vs ешь haha!


I have no sound. Have tried reinstalling but that hasn't helped

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