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  5. "This is Tom."

"This is Tom."

Translation:Это Том.

November 6, 2015



I typed Eto tom and got it wrong. I've done the french course earlier, and to input special characters we had options. Is this also because i have cyrillic alphabet turned on?


Yep, you need a specific alphabet to write. In this case Russian alphabet.


Thats couse it's это


If youtr on mobile go to the settings on he keyboard. (Or hold down the emoji button from the samsung keyboard itself. A menu should pop up. Press the cog) then add languages. This makes it so yiu can easily swith between them by holding and flicking he space bar to the left of right.


You're supposed to type это том which is 'nj njv on the american keyboard, ,מח מחה on the hebrew keyboard, and 'νξ νξω on the greek keyboard


I have the settings on my phone to switch back and forth from English to Russian letters. This might help some of you.


It is э not e, so that may be it. Go to settings -> languages -> keyboard and find the languages there. Then check the box next to "Russian."


This course is little bit more repetitive, eto Tom, eto Tim, eto Tom...


Make sure you switch to a Russian keyboard before doing this. I find it a lot easier to do from my phone or with keyboard viewer on a computer.


Why tim and tom?there are plenty of names.


There are two different versions of Tom available... One is том and the other is Том. Notice the difference between the lower case and capital T's, respectively.


I have a file with complete instructions on how to set up the Windows 10 Russian Mnemonic, along with a guide to typing Russian letters, including two-key combinations in order to get letters like Ё, Ю, Ч, plus switching between two Languages (English & Russian). I can't figure out how to post the file, though.


I accidentally typed 'з' instead of 'э' and it allowed it but called it a type. I'm BEGINNER at this, can someone explain the difference between the 2 letters please?


BRO-BRO, happened to me too...LOL although i'm pretty sure one of them isn't a letter..sounds like something i would say!


If someone is still wondering this after a year of waiting, Э and З are both letters in Russian alphabet. Э is a vowel and sounds like a in 'apple', З is a consonant and is pronounced like a regular English z and kind of looks very similar to the number 3 in handwriting.


Guys go on settings key board and language input russian


I am happy I found Russian as a language on here. I think its a cool language!


It shouldn't be 'Eto Tom' it should be 'Это Том.'


where are russian names i wonder!


Тhe mnemonic Russian keyboard in Windows has з mapped to Z, but I don't see how to type э other than copy/pasting it in. Any advice on how to type this?


looks like 'ye' will do it.


The different versions of letters are not provided for us to choose from, like is available in German/French/Portuguese, so if I want to write 'i' the Russian way. I cannot.


I'm stepping through the door

And I'm floating in a most peculiar way

And the stars look very different today


try getting out of that most peculiar position.


Тим, это Том. No!? what what what!


How am I WRONG for being POLITE?! i SAID "it is?"


I typed зто том with my Russian keyboard. It said I had a typo and underlined зто.


Idont speek rosia

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Shouldn't it be "Этот Том"? AFAIK этот is used for masculine nouns and Tom is a male name. Am is missing something?


"Этот Том" means "This Tom". "Это Том" means "This is Tom". "This is" is always "это" regardless of gender.

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Thank you very much! So it's somehow similar to German "Das" , which as a demostrative pronoun could be used for all nouns (even plural ones) eg. Das ist der Mann. But as a demonstrative adjective it only comes before neuter nouns.

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