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  5. "Is it a girl?"

"Is it a girl?"

Translation:Это девочка?

November 6, 2015



I would have said девушка is also correct but it wasn't accepted...


Report it, it should be accepted as well.


What is more common девочка or девушка?


Both, this depends on the age. Девочка has not reached puberty.


Thank you. I didn't realize that there was another word; now I even know the difference

[deactivated user]

    @olimo thanks! This helps so much.


    Why not эта девочка?


    That means this girl. It's not a sentence. When you want to say this is X or is this X you only use это.


    Can someone explain me when to use "Это" or "Этот". I know "Это" means "that" or "this" for objects and also is used like "is"; and "Этот" is "that" for person. But when i translated "Is that a girl" to "Этот девучка" it was not correct.


    Это - it

    Этот - this (masculine)

    Эта - this (feminine)

    Тот - that

    But also:

    Это - this is, it is

    Is that a girl? Это девушка?

    It is a girl. Это девушка.


    What is the diffrence between ето and етот?


    If I say "она - девочка" to say "she is a girl", is it correct? If not, what is the difference between this wrong sentence and "Дима - медик"? Thank you!! :)


    Why didnt they accept девушка?


    As I understand, Этот девочка? can be an affirmative sentence if the question mark is not present... am i wrong? If it is, is there any other way to know that it is a question before reaching the end of the sentence?


    Sorry, in most cases the only way to tell if a statement is a question in Russian is either by the question mark, context, or if the speaker raises the pitch of their voice at the end like we do when we ask a question in English.

    Also "Этот девочка" wouldn't work, "Этот" is masculine while "Девочка" is feminine. The two either have to agree to form "Эта девочка" -> "This girl", or you use the particle "Это" to mean "This is".


    I entered Эта девочка? Can someone please explain why is Эта the wrong word choice?


    Why is my answer wrong: это девушка

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