"Dogs eat everything."

Translation:Собаки едят всё.

November 6, 2015



I'm sorry but I'm confused as to when I should use едят and when i should use ест since i think both mean eat/is eating? :/ i hope someone can help clarify this for me :P thanks! .

November 6, 2015

  • я ем
  • ты ешь
  • он/она ест
  • мы едим
  • вы едите
  • они едят
November 6, 2015


much wow very awesome, got it now :^)

December 24, 2015


Thanks so much!!!!

November 6, 2015


Will these be taught later on?

November 9, 2015


These are being taught right here :-) Normally, Duolingo does not teach you through tables, but you can find them in the internet and have them at hand when doing exercises.

November 10, 2015


They do have a feature implemented in some other languages though, where hovering over the verb gives you an option to view the conjugation. I personally find it super useful, it saves time and makes it easier to organize the information and learn. It would be nice if they eventually also added it to Russian.

November 12, 2015


Yes, basic conjugation is taught at present tense verbs, which is five topics after this one (approx.) The fact that conjugation is used multiple times before being taught is actually one of my bigger complaints about this course (out of only a few, to be fair). Same goes with grammatical gender which is used from the start (obviously) yet it is only properly explained at the tenth topic (I think). Compared to, for example, Spanish, German and French (all of which teach both in Basics 1), this is absolutely silly.

November 25, 2015


Yeah. Im completely confused too.

March 16, 2019



February 8, 2018


Why мысли едят всё but Собаки всё едят? (word order)

March 19, 2016


I have the same question. Help plz :)

February 2, 2018


For me it still worked as Собаки едят всё, I think in the case of small details like that it doesn't really matter from day to day because it still gets the message across

Though I could be wrong, it is just a guess

February 28, 2019


First one ever to have two solutions

March 4, 2016


Correct solutions were: Собаки едят всё., Собаки всё едят. What's the rule on word order? Does it change for non-fiction, fiction, and/or poetry? Thanks.

April 13, 2017


My dog does eat anything lol :)

April 19, 2019


It won't accept any of the answers it gives me so I am stuck!

March 20, 2016


Yes, i am stuck too. How to get this problem fixed??

April 6, 2016


I thought word order was important in Russian; yet both the sentences which translate to "Dogs eat everything," and "Dogs everything eat" are accepted.

March 22, 2017



May 2, 2019



July 21, 2019


I put down собаки едят все. It marked it as wrong. For people still confused about the syntax, remember Russian has free word order for a lot of cases.

My answer should've been correct. Take it as you will.

December 30, 2016


They accepted both in the picker question. I wonder, in your case, if they wanted the всё instead of все.

(yes, yes I know Russians don't usually type it like that but it's a learning course so maybe?)

January 18, 2017
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