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"Did you finish the task already?"

Translation:Ты уже сделала задание?

November 6, 2015



ты уже закончил задание? what's the feedback on this one?


It's alright and should be accepted. I think your choice is better, than another one above, because (for me): "ты уже сделал задание?" would be "have you done the task already?" and "ты уже закончил задание?" = "have you finished the task already?".


I agree entirely! The verbs DO and FINISH are separate and have different meanings in both languages.


I believe сделать has imbued the sense of finishing, though.


It means to finish doing but the English verb to finish can imply all sorts of verbs, e.g. eating, reading, writing.


Not a native and I don't think it's a hard-and-fast rule, but if this course is any indication, Russian seems to prefer adverbs to be directly in front of the verbs they modify.


Accepted when I wrote it on 4/4/2020.


The mouse-over does not give the option needed for the verb.


I'm not sure why "Вы уже сделали задачу" is not excepted. Is задание accusative?


Check out the conjugations in Wiktionary.com... задание is both the nominative and the accusative, and, as you may already know, it is a different word (with a somewhat similar meaning) from задача (accusative = задачу). I'm only a beginner, but I think your sentence is grammatically fine. But задачу would mean you were talking about a "problem" in the sense of a math problem, and not a more generalized "task."


According to the Oxford Russian dictionary, задача=problem, task, mission; задание=task, job. Since "task" was in the English sentence, seems either would be OK used in the proper case.


Why are the hints so utterly out of step with the desired answer here? And is сделала really the best translation for "finish"?


This still hasn't been addressed -- if the phrase gives "finished" and the hints are matched to that, then why is the accepted answer more like "done"? If they're not interchangeable, then the HINTS aren't either. Please do better at responding to feedback and questions.


"задачу" is not acceptable here? What's the difference in meaning exactly?


Would it be wrong to say "ты уже закончил эту задачу"?


What is the difference between "задание" and "задача"? (Please could a fluent Russian-speaker answer?)


why is заклнчил not considered correct?


Why at the end with ´a´? сделала - I think the correct one is: Ты уже сделал задане?


It ends in "a" because they have chosen to make this example past tense feminine. Both would be correct, but Duolingo doesn't always default to masculine example sentences.


"Did you finish the task already?": "Did you do the task already?" While they convey the same meaning, these are not the same sentence.

[deactivated user]

    I wrote "Ты уже закончил задачу?" and it was not accepted. What's wrong with this one? KS4711


    The audio doesn't seem to work in this discussion page.

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