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  5. "Моя сестра не пьёт сок."

"Моя сестра не пьёт сок."

Translation:My sister does not drink juice.

November 6, 2015



Why not "My sister isn't drinking the juice"


Reported 1 Apr 2017


Everytime I see сок my mind thinks in coke.


Why not сока? Juice is the direct object of a negated verb.


I had the same question in my mind, but i could solve it. Direct object is accusative case, and for inanimate masculine nouns, accusative is the same as nominative. And it is not genotive because it is not after нет, and the negative is for the verb, not for the noun also :)


So does this, like in English, mean both 'My sister is not drinking juice' and 'My sister doesn't drink juice (ever)'?


Yep. Russian present tense doesn't really distinguish between present simple and present continuous.


Where is the genitive in this sentence? I assume I'm missing it as this course is on genitives but the nouns all look like nominative forms to me.


This не is for a verb, not a noun.


As far as I can tell there are no genetives in this sentence. I think there are two reasons for this.

1). Сок is a vocabulary word we learned in this course, so this is basically just vocabulary practice.

2). A sentence that doesn't have genetives is presented to contrast with the ones that do have genetives. This helps show when you do and do not use genetives.


Why is this in the genitive section?


Why is this in genitive?


can someone explain why "my sister is not drinking juice" was incorrect?


It is correct. Russian doesn't differentiate between "she drinks" and "she is drinking". You should report it.


Still doesn't accept this. Reporting again.


I have learned 3 versions of drink so far. Пьют, пьешь, пьет. And I still cannot figure out the when to use them. Please help me


They are the different conjugations of the verb пить (to drink). The verb changes depending on the person:

Я пью (I drink) Ты пьёшь (you drink) Он/Она/Оно пьёт (he/she/it drinks) Мы пьём (we drink) Вы пьёте (you all drink) Они пьют (they drink)

The "ё" is usually written as "е" in everyday life. I hope this helps!

[deactivated user]

    Strange that "My sister isn't drinking juice. is marked as incorrect.


    Google translate gives me "она пьет" not "пьёт". What's the difference, is one wrong?


    You will find that е is often used in print in place of ё. Native speakers just know how to pronounce it. It is one of those things that just may fade away over time as has Ъ.


    That was random!

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