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  5. "Добрый вечер!"

"Добрый вечер!"

Translation:Good evening!

November 6, 2015



I'm 11 and I'm trying to learn Russian cause my grandma is Russian and I don't know how to speak Russian so this is super cool


Удачи (good luck), Макс!


Good luck!! Don't give up! ^^


But you didnt continue your exercises Max. You stopped after 2 chapters. What a shame :(


I hope you are still learning!


Im learning russian because i love russia but im only rememebering the words not understanding it and russian speak fast and i cant catch up


Keep practicing, and listen to the sentences over and over; it just takes a while for your ear to learn to distinguish the sounds of a new language. Writing it down can really help too, and I also found the Android app rusalphabet really helpful.


good night is marked incorrect. Is there a more appropriate way to say good night?


You can say "спокойной ночи" or "доброй ночи" wishing a good night :)


From what I understand, "Добрый вечер" means good evening. Good night would be "Спокойной ночи".


Right, except "Спокойной ночи!" is never used as a greeting. It's OK to say Добрый вечер! even at midnight. After that before dawn some people use Доброй ночи! as a greeting.


doesn't "Спокойной ночи" rather mean "Have a calm night"?


Yes, literally it means "Have a calm night" :)

Is "Have a calm night" a regular expression in English?

[deactivated user]


    But something similar to "Sweet dreams !".


    ве́чер (véčer): From Proto-Slavic *večerъ, from Proto-Indo-European *wekʷsperos. Cognates include Ancient Greek ἕσπερος (hésperos), Latin vesper, Old Armenian գիշեր (gišer).


    what's the difference between "spokoinoi" and "dobryi"? (please answer in english as I cannot read cyrillic)


    "Спокойный" (spokoinyi) - "calm", "quiet"

    "добрый" (dobryi) - "kind"

    Wishing a good night you can choose any of them.


    Cant you just say хорошо вечер


    No. It would be like saying “Well evening” or “OK evening”. Хорошо is either an adverb (as in «хорошо одетый» = well dressed) or a neuter short adjective (e.g. «Это стихотворение хорошо» = “This poem is good”). In modern Russian, short forms of adjectives are only used predicatively, and, in the present tense, they match combinations of English adjectives with the verb “to be”. Singular short adjectives agree in gender with the sentence subject.


    So if i wanted to say "good job", I could say "хорошо професси" since хорошо is an adjective describing професси?


    As I said earlier, хорошо cannot be an adjective unless it is used predicatively with a neuter gender noun, and even in that case, the full form хорошее is preferred. If you want to say “good job”, two scenarios are possible. (1) “Good job!” = «Молодец!»/«Отличная работа!» (2) “He has a good job” = “У него хорошая работа». “Job” hardly ever translates as «профессия» which is “profession” or “trade”. And since «профессия» is feminine, we say «хорошая профессия» (nominative), «она получила хорошую профессию (accusative), «с хорошей прфессией не пропадёшь» (instrumental) etc.


    What is difference between Добрый - Доброй - Доброе?


    They all mean 'good', you use it according the gender of the word it refers to (masculine, feminine, neutral)


    Which one is masc., fem., and neutral?


    добрый (день) - masculine

    доброе (утро) - neutral

    добрая (мама) - feminine

    Доброй (ночи) - feminine gender, genitive case.


    This very help full i am 11 and i forget everything


    Just keep doing the exercises regularly and dont worry abiut not remenbering it, most words keep recurring and within a coupke of months you will realise you can understand a lot of basic stuff


    Isn't evening and afternoon the same thing?


    Afternoon (вторая половина дня) starts at noon, whereas evening is the time near sunset when the sun is about to get EVEN with the horizon. Evening turns into night when it gets dark. Вечер starts at about 5 p.m. and lasts until usual bedtime. For that reason, the phrase “last night” translates into Russian as «вчера вечером» and the word “tonight” as «сегодня вечером». In the afternoon =во второй половине дня; Good afternoon => Добрый день! or, if it’s late afternoon, Добрый вечер!


    Whats the difference between доброе and добрый?


    Neuter gender vs masculine gender. (Russian nouns and personal pronouns fall into thee classes called genders. Вечер is masculine, ночь is feminine and утро is neuter. Adjectives agree with the nouns they modify in gender, number and case. Singular adjectives take gender-specific endings.


    Okay ,so i type evening before but its wrong.and than again i type to afternoon and now its wrong too .


    Приьет! This is my fav word :D


    In my profile, can i see my posts later


    Im learning russian because of brain training

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