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  5. "Wiens soep is lekker?"

"Wiens soep is lekker?"

Translation:Whose soup is tasty?

November 6, 2015



what does this sentence mean actually ..?


If it is asking whose soup is tasty, shouldn't the comparative degree of tasty "tastier" be used?


Not necessarily. Someone might simply be asking for clarification about which person made the soup. "I overheard you talking about someone's soup being really good--whose soup is tasty?" (with emphasis on the "whose")

Or, if there are various kinds of soup all made by different people, you could be asking "Whose soup is tasty? And whose is not?"

Using "tastier" would imply that ALL of the soups are tasty, but some more so than others.


Wiens is whose. Welke is which.

Now what is the difference between "Wiens soep is lekker?" from "Welke soep is lekker?" In the meaning ?

I don't know if it's right...

Is "Wiens" from who the soup is tasty? And "welke" which soup is tasty?

Sorry I'm confused...

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Yep, that's correct

"Wiens soep is lekker?" "Die van mama" (Whose soup is tasty? Mommy's soup!")
"Welke soep is lekker?" "De tomatensoep" (Which soup is tasty? The tomato soup")


Soz xMerrie, I have to correct you: "Wiens soep is lekker?" is about a soup made by a male; in your case: "Die van papa." You use 'Wier' when it's about a female; so : "Wier soup is it?" "Die van mama."


lekker = delicious ?


This is a really old fashioned way of saying "whose". The question should be something like "Wie heeft de lekkere soup?"


In three years of living in the Netherlands, I've never ever encountered the "wiens" construction. Seems to be outdated.


Lekker is pronounced differently with both the male and female voice. How exactly do you pronounce or is it just based on dialects?


I chose delicious as a translation of lekker in this case because as far as I am concerned all the associated hand waving that goes with lekker seems more like "Whose soup is delicious" and not just the bland "nice".

[deactivated user]

    Yummy = tasty


    Almost typed 'which' by instinct


    Heeft grootmoeder deze vertaling geleverd?

    "wiens" is vrijwel volledig uit gebruik.

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