Will Russian have Immersion? Does anyone know yet? I know other courses don't have Immersion. That's why I was wondering.

November 6, 2015


Sorry! Immersion and Words sections are only for Staff-made Courses. So the only courses from English that have this are Spanish, Portuguese, French, German and Italian. Which means that there sadly won't be an Immersion or Words section.

Word sections are for younger courses too, Spanish for German speakers has it, also French for Italian speakers, I think Russian will get it soon too. :)

Immersion and Words sections are only for Staff-made Courses.

Just a precision: for Immersion, it's not the criteria differentiating which courses have it and which don't.
Some non staff-made courses do have immersion: English from Turkish or French from Spanish, for example.
The criteria is "courses that reached beta before Duo stopped the development of Immersion". See here for more details.

Russian has only just been released, so it will be a considerably long time before it has Immersion.

Yeah, I know I was early to jump the gun on asking.

I heard that duolingo stopped the immersion as it wasn't profitable and was legally dubious in the EU due to copyright etc. Wether this is true and wether the immersion will eventually become available I don't know. I sure hope they do as it seems like a great way to practice what you have learnt.

The words tab i assume will be added later when the course graduates from beta, but reading the comment below about only staff created courses having the words tab I am unsure what to think.

Let's just hope that duolingo eventually release these features for Russian. It would be great if they did.

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