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"The tea is far from the juice."

Translation:Чай стоит далеко от сока.

November 6, 2015



Here сока is in the genitive, right?


And в школе is also genitive or it's accusative?

Also, what's the prepositional case for then if those are put in the genitive form? :p


'В школе' is in the Prepositional Case. Check out my guide for Declensions in the Russian Discussion to learn more about the cases and how to conjugate them.


I would like to wait to have my Prepositional Case class in the course before reading tons of tables haha. But I like to spot in advance how the prepositional case looks like! :)

EDIT: Well I don't even know when to use it! But from what I see it's putting a е most of the time then.


The Prepositional in my opinion is the easiest case.


Чай находится далеко от сока. Why not?


Maybe I just missed something in the curriculum here, but I feel like they never went over what "ot" meant, or if they have, I can't remember it. Is that just the equivalent of "from" in Russian?


Yes, there's another example "far from the door" in an earlier exercise.

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