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  5. "Kids like jumping."

"Kids like jumping."

Translation:Дети любят прыгать.

November 6, 2015



Why isn't it possible to use нравится in this sentence?

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It's (now?) possible use it, but you need correct cases - children should be in dative. This answer was accepted: Детям нравится прыгать.


That is all so super helpful, thank you! I know only struggle to understand WHY the use of "нравится" suddenly makes the children become dative?


You can think of the subject as being given enjoyment or pleasure from the object. In this example, детям нравится прыгать, thinking about it as "jumping pleases/brings joy to the children" might help make sense of the cases: since they're being given something, the dative case is used (knowing that давать/дать is "to give" might be useful for remembering that).


I found this bit of information, but I had to fill in accusative and genitive by referring to a declension table. There doesn't seem to be any singular form of Дети, so my source (reverso.net) lists ребёнок as nominative singular. [IOW, дет, Дета, Деть, etc. are not singular forms of Дети]:

Ребёнок - Nom. sing.
Дети - Nom. pl.
Детей - Acc. pl. / Gen. pl.
Детям - Dative pl..
Детыми* - Inst. pl.
Детях - Prep. pl.

The Declensions appear to be from the tables for the ending -ь, which are identical for both masculine and feminine plural in all cases.

*Детыми appears to be an exception to normal declension, which otherwise would be Детями


Should I assume "ребёноки" have the meaning of "offspring" children/kids... or report a suggestion to accept "ребёноки"? хихихихи

For portuguese speakers I have a mnemonic suggestion: we have the word "rebento", for "offspring" ... "ребёнок" always makes me think of it.. :D


Ребёнок has an irregular plural. Ребёнок > Ребята or Дети. But they do have different meanings.

Ребята = Guys like 'Hey Guys! > Привет Ребятa'

Дети = Сhildren like 'I have children > У меня есть дети'


That definitely appears to be the case, but based on the fact that Ребята = "guys", I really don't see how it could be deemed a plural of ребёнок. A derivative, yes, but not a direct pluralization.


Boa dica. Obrigado.


Is the pronunciation of любят correct in the audio? Because to me it sounds the same like любит..


Yes it seems to be correct because I often hear -it ( as in kit) for these ят endings.


Дети любят прыгать

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