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  5. "Я здесь живу."

"Я здесь живу."

Translation:I live here.

November 6, 2015



Is this word order flexible? Would я живу здесь be acceptable?


Yes. Here's a great explanation by Shady_arc:

"The final position by default puts emphasis on the adverb. Usually you do not want to do it for words like "here" or "now" (and many other adverbs of time and manner of action—it is technically possible but native speakers tend to put them before the verb, unless there is a reason).

However, in this particular sentence making "здесь" the new, important information is justified. So you can use either position."

Source: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/12083391


Could Вот я живу be an alternate translation? I feel like I'm pointing the place where I live in a map when I use that sentence.


No, because Вот is the Russian equivalent of the French 'Voilá' and it just doesn't make sense. Anyways I hope I helped.


And could it something like: "Вот где я живу" ?


Voilà* haha!

I get you. I'll try to use more здесь and slowly try to link вот to a voilà type of sentence then.


Is 'Я живу здесь' wrong?


The stress is on "живу" here, right? Like when someone litters your room and you are like "Hey! I live here!" Normally i would put the stress on "здесь" and write "Я живу здесь", is that also right?

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