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  5. "Ми там, де ти."

"Ми там, де ти."

Translation:We are where you are.

November 6, 2015




The reason that We are there, where are you is not accepted it that there is no question mark in the original sentence. This is because Ukrainian usually creates questions using intonation (raising your voice).

For example:

  • Я там (I am there)


  • Я там? (Am I there)


Its wrong. the comma and verbal pause makes it confusing Its also not a common phrase in either language so it makes it more confusing. "Im here, where you are" makes more sense as opposed to "im there, where you are". You dont say "hi mum, im there at home", you say "Hi mum, im here at home"

The word "there" implies distance, but the sentence is implying the opposite, however "im here, where are you?" is commonly used in both languages, which would of been very fairly assumed (question mark or not) This one should be removed, its wrong in both languages


I put "we are there, where are you" I'm sure it's wrong, but could someone explain why?


"Where are you?" is a question, "...where you are" is a clause


Must be: we are there where are you? But programme says wrong.


Because it is wrong. This is not a question, "We are there, where are you?". This is a statement with a clause, "We are (there) where you are" (meaning, we are at the same location as you)

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