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  5. "Сейчас я готовлю курицу."

"Сейчас я готовлю курицу."

Translation:Now I am cooking chicken.

November 6, 2015



I wrote Now I cook chicken and it wasn't accepted. Definitely reported it because it is correct! :)

November 6, 2015


It is accepted now.

February 20, 2016


Are you sure? There's "now", so it should be "be + ing". But I agree that "я готовлю курицу" can be both "I cook chicken" and "I am cooking chicken."

November 6, 2015


Well, I don't really know precisely how that part of the english grammar works, but the verb used in Russian is in the present tense, therefore I feel like writing the english verb in the present tense is correct. It shows that I know the translation of я готовлю (I cook). :)

November 6, 2015


Imo it should be accepted. "I used to cook pork, but I converted to Islam. Now I cook chicken."

February 16, 2016


This is a good example of when the simple present tense (I cook) would be acceptable in English. From what I understand, both the simple present tense and the present continuous tense (I am cooking) translate to the same verb form in Russian. In English, we use the present continuous tense (I am cooking) to talk about things we are doing right now. The example, "I used to cook pork. Now I cook chicken," uses now for contrast, rather than to indicate we are currently engaged in cooking.

October 12, 2018


"I cook chicken" is rather awkward in English. Unless you're telling someone about a specific way that you prepare it" For example "I cook chicken with salt and pepper" or "This is how I cook chicken" "Right now I'm cooking chicken" would be the most natural way to translate it.

November 10, 2015


I agree, it does sound a bit awkward, but on other Duolingo languages they allow a bit of flexibility between I cook/I am cooking (for example).

Unless there's an actual grammatical reason why this would be false in Russian, I wonder whether both shouldn't be accepted.

November 11, 2015


It's acceptable if you are a caveman...

August 1, 2019


Why is it готовлю and not готовию? The stem changed.

March 8, 2017


It's an irregular verb, I guess.

July 18, 2018


The и would never form part of the "I" ending.

August 11, 2019


Why is "we make sushi" accepted but "I make chicken" not accepted? I guess I do not actually have the ability to make a chicken, like a god would... but in English we do say "what are you making for dinner?"

February 22, 2017


Does gotov mean done as well?

February 6, 2016


Yes, it does. Good eye there!

·готовить - to prepare, to make (for the most part, food)

·готовый - done, ready

·готов - the masculine short form of готовый.

August 21, 2016


Готовить means to cook

February 23, 2016
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