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  5. "two windows"

"two windows"

Translation:два окна

November 6, 2015



What's the difference between два и две ?


Два is for masculine or neuter nouns, две is for feminine.


Wait so окно is feminine? It ends with a neuter ending so it's irregular?


Окно is neuter. This is the dictionary/nominative singular form of "window."

When counting two of a window, in Russian, you literally say, "two of a window" (see what I did there? ;) ) and when you use "of a," you use the genitive singular form of window.

In the genitive, anything ending in o changes its ending to a. So одно окно (one window), два окна (two of a window/two windows).

(Use the genitive singular from 2-4; 5 and up will use genitive plural - "5 of cats/5 cats, 7 of cranberries/7 cranberries," etc. and will have different endings in Russian.)


Have a lingot for providing a moment of clarity to someone who has been speaking one of the most nonsensical languages in common use for all of their life.


You’re the greatest, simple yet complicated.


Is the correct pronounciation окна́?

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