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"two windows"

Translation:два окна

November 6, 2015



What's the difference between два и две ?


Два is for masculine or neuter nouns, две is for feminine.


Wait so окно is feminine? It ends with a neuter ending so it's irregular?


Окно is neuter. This is the dictionary/nominative singular form of "window."

When counting two of a window, in Russian, you literally say, "two of a window" (see what I did there? ;) ) and when you use "of a," you use the genitive singular form of window.

In the genitive, anything ending in o changes its ending to a. So одно окно (one window), два окна (two of a window/two windows).

(Use the genitive singular from 2-4; 5 and up will use genitive plural - "5 of cats/5 cats, 7 of cranberries/7 cranberries," etc. and will have different endings in Russian.)

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