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Russian on iOS

I am wondering if anyone knows about how long it usually takes before a newly finished language becomes available on IOS.

November 6, 2015


[deactivated user]

    I think they appear on the apps when they get less than 100 reports.


    I thought that was when it left beta? I think they just add it to the apps as soon as they can.


    I believe you were correct the second time. Courses still in Beta have often been released to the app, though they have to get below a certain number of reports.


    That statement doesn't make any sense. They will always get reports and it doesn't really matter how many they get. It just has to do with how many of them get accepted as real translations. I'm pretty sure they are released to the apps when they accept less than 7 reports per 100, as you can see in the fifth most recent Norwegian update here. I'm sure that that has been mentioned elsewhere as well.

    [deactivated user]

      I did preface it with "I think", not "This is absolute fact.".


      Sorry, didn't mean for it to sound harsh or anything.


      Probably takes a while. I don't use an iPhone. But can easily do the Russian-course via webbrowser. Works like a charm and isn't much different to the app :-)


      Mine won't let me switch to Cyrillic :/


      Really? It is a pity. So, in the Settings→General→"Keyboards" there is literally NOTHING except English,US ?

      Or do you mean you have that annoying issue with Duolingo's Aa/Яя switch not displaying on the mobile version of the site?


      I meant I can't change the lesson's vocab to Cyrillic from Roman letters. Haha so ya the second of those two


      Try going to settings -> "view full site" and do it like that, I can change it from latin to cyrillic in the lessons when I am in that mode on ios.


      Oooooo!! That worked!

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